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Dec 22, 2009 04:09 AM

Boston Chicken Founder Passes Away

Just a belated note of remembrance for Arthur Cores, one of the original founders of Boston Chicken (later to become Boston Market) who passed away last week after a long battle with cancer. Arthur grew up in Brookline, for a short period of time worked at a small gourmet shop in Newton Centre before opening the original Boston Chicken in Newtonville approximately 25 years ago. Arthur was a real "foodie", a fanatic about quality and customer service and a real good guy. By the time the Boston Chicken concept was "watered down" and ruined by others, Arthur was long gone and essentially retired from the stock he was given by the group who bought the concept and without much food background attempted to go national with the Boston Market brand. In the early days of Boston Chicken, Arthur was very much involved and "hands on" and later when George Naddaf started to expand the brand, Arthur remained on as a consultant and the quality of the products remained very high until the largest individual shareholders of Blockbuster Video bought the business. It was soon thereafter that the quality of Boston Market plummeted. In any event, we will miss you Arthur!

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