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Dec 22, 2009 04:00 AM

Xmas Eve lunch in Bath, ME: suggestions?

Solo Bistro isn't open, so we're looking for alternatives.

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  1. Per their website, Montsweag Roadhouse (Rte 1, Woolwich) is open 12/24 until 3pm.

    Kennebec Tavern's website indicates "open 7 days" but no specifics on holiday hours.

    Both might be alternatives for you.

    1. Try Brunswick, maybe. Lots of options there... not sure if any really match up with Solo Bistro. I've heard good things about Lilee's Public House. You can see the menu here:

      Try there maybe? Or Frontier?

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      1. re: corinnerose

        I appreciate the thoughts, but Bath is specific since we're meeting friends who are coming down from Whitefield as we come up from Portland.

        1. re: mainemal

          Consider Gardiner/Hallowell as accessible from Whitefield (versus Bath) and Portland (via 295).

          Slates in Hallowell serves lunch 'til 2:30.