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Dec 22, 2009 03:31 AM

Canned tomatoes and bisphemol-A


With all the health problem with bisphemol-A, I'am wondering how I can replace canned tomatoes (paste or chunk) .

Did you find canned tomatoes in glass jar or in tera-pak ? How do you have other solution ?
(I knoown I could have jarred some fresh tomatoes during summer !)


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  1. Rick Moonen, author of "Fish Without a Doubt," recommends Pomi brand chopped tomatoes for many of his recipes and I've become a convert. They're packaged by the same company that makes Parmalat and come in the same type of tetra-pak carton. The chopped tomatoes have no additives whatsoever, and I find the flavor much cleaner and truer to real tomato taste than the tinned product.

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    1. re: JoanN

      Pomi tomatoes are da bomb, really delicious! Love the carton container.

      1. re: Val

        Where can I buy Pomi tomatoes in Montreal ?

        I'd like to try it !!

        1. re: waltereo

          Oh, dear...not sure, waltereo...they are sold here in U.S. in large supermarkets, maybe your larger markets will carry the boxes of them. Here's a thread of posts about canned tomatoes in Montreal and someone said you can get Pomi at Loblaw's:

          1. re: Val

            Thanks Val,

            I'll check that !

      2. re: JoanN

        Bisphenol-a is not an additive, but it's in the plastic of the packaging.

        Why would tetra-pak type packaging be free from bpa? (it's got a plasticky lining too).

          1. re: JoanN

            Thanks. Sigh.... I rely heavily on canned tomatoes off season, and buy canned beans for convenience. I guess I will have to stop...

            At least the tetra pak is reported to be slightly safer than cans....

            Sigh again....

          2. re: Rasam

            Hmmm...I've only read about it being in canned goods not tetras...will have to research it a bit more!

            1. re: Rasam

              Well, ?I read that tetra pak is "safe" but after following the link for google below,... That is not true exactly true. Well tetra pak contain platics but not the #7 .. so I should stick with glass or pther platics than #7

          3. I'm still kind of hoping the "white lined" cans are bpa free, which I understood to be a powder coat akin to porcelain lining which should be as neutral as possible for a can, however my internet search and other inquiries have failed to confirm (or deny) that so far. I see one organic tomato line in the organic section claiming a bpa free can, sorry, don't recall the name. Gotta get organized and try home canning again.

            1. bionaturae puts out strained organic tomatoes in glass jars and they are excellent. don't know where you live, but in new york i find them in whole foods and fairway. hope that helps! i was freaking out about the same exact thing ;)