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Restaurant Reccomendations near The Blue Note (3rd St. Between 6th & MacDougal)

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Hi 'Hounders,

Please help with suggestions for a top notch dinner within walking distance to the club - open to all cuisines and price levels.

*The Blue Note is located in the village on 3rd St between 6th and MacDougal.

Thank you,


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  1. Lots of great options:
    Cornelia Street has: Po, Le Gigot
    Cabrito for great margaritas, tacos, high quality Mexican, fun atmosphere
    Market Table for locally sourced American
    Blue Ribbon Bakery

    1. For simple Japanese I like Marumi on LaGuardia.

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        I just noticed you said "top notch" this place is simple. oops.

      2. Bellavitae for Italian. Minetta Lane just off of 6th.

        1. For an upscale Japanese dining experience, Soto?

          For upscale, farm-to-table, Blue Hill is nearby.

          For comfy New American with an Asian influence, I'd do Perilla.

          1. Last time I went to the Blue Note I first had dinner at Wallse. It was wonderful.

            1. Ideally wanted to try Il Mulino but they're currently booked. Love some of the recommendations. Thanks again...feel free to keep them coming.

              1. Minetta Tavern is on the corner of Minetta @ McDougal.

                1. For top-notch, another vote for Blue Hill. A friend is treating me for my birthday in about a month, and though we'd both love some great, unusual seafood dishes (not sure where yet), I've got a yearning to go to Blue Hill again.

                  Also, I love Bellavitae, though I don't know how 'fancy' it is. The food and wine were terrific, though, the last time I was there - and it's certainly close enough to the Blue Note.

                  1. Would love to try Blue Hill. My only fear is the menu being too fussy/complicated/unpredictable for the two other people in my group. Is that a correct assumption?