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Dec 22, 2009 02:38 AM

Your last meal

I've always been fascinated by the website, and lately, I've been thinking a lot about good foods and, particularly, last meals.

With that, I want to get your last meal requests, and what you'd love to eat most, if you were to be sent to the death chair in the next few hours.

In the past, I've seen a lot of people be unrealistic about these answers, having meals that cost hundreds of dollars, or too much for one sitting. So, just one simple rule: $40 or under.

For me, it would be a combination of my own cooking skills, and a staple I was fed growing up, along with other cultural foods I've picked up in the Army.

So, last meal would be a medium-rare London Broil, done with a George Foreman grill, over a bed of steamed rice and lots of spinach, drizzled with olive oil and lime juice.

I'd also have a large, iced cold fountain of sweet tea, to wash down the food, and for desert, I'd probably want a root beer float, but rather than using vanilla ice cream, I'd want cookies and cream ice cream instead.

I'd ask for a ciggarette, too, but then again, prisons don't allow smoking.

If all else fails, I might just ask for an MRE.



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  1. A Chicago-style italian beef sandwich dripping with juice and a chocolate milkshake.

    1. Either a bowl of kimchi and rice, or a plate of really good spaghetti carbonara.

      1. Food devoid of context is tasteless. I can't think of anything I would want to eat, absent family and friends, knowing I was going to die soon. This is not a chowish moment.

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        1. re: pikawicca

          Ahhh, make love to your food, huh? I am almost the same way, but I can also eat just to enjoy the food, alone.

          But at moments like those, I could imagine it would be very, very hard to focus on the meal in itself.

          I bet it would be the most emotionally-filled meal I've had, though!

          1. re: FanOfJoeBiden

            I would love to have a nice juicy medium rare rib eye steak grilled over a wood fire with the fat nice & crispy. I would also like sauteed mushrooms for the steak, crusty bread and as the veggie...hmmm...baked potato with loads of sour cream. For dessert, 1 small scoop of Edy's double vanilla ice cream.

          2. re: pikawicca

            That's my answer, too. I'm pretty sure I would have no appetite so no matter what the food, it would taste like cardboard.

            However, if I were scheduled for jaw surgery or something and knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything solid for six months, it would probably be a Reuben with a boatload of fresh-made fries. For dessert a chocolate Coke float. Lowbrow, I know, but that's probably what it would be.

            Although I would really be tempted to go for Mexican/Tex-Mex. A bowl of my own chili with cornbread sounds really, really good.

          3. A bowl if chicken matzoh ball soup from Bernie's in Milwaukee circa 1964.

            A slab of ribs from The Barn in Cincinnati the way they were in 1978.

            A bratwurst from The Brathaus in Madison as they were in 1972.

            Fries from the Woolworth's lunch counter in Rochester NY as they tasted in 1966.

            A corned beef sandwich with a potato pancake from Izzy Kadetz in Cincinnati circa 1977.

            Finally, a frozen custard from the machine at the lunch counter at Lauremann's Department Store in Marrinette WI from around 1960.

            All washed down with Graf''s Ginger Ale from 1962.

            All of this together probably comes to around $40.00 in the eras referenced. And you didnt say anything about not being able to travel through time to get it.

            1. The original comment has been removed