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Dec 21, 2009 11:59 PM

Cleaning cookie sheets

I have some heavy guage half sheet pans I use for baking cookies and things.

The other day, I used the pans to make some chicken wings that require you to roast them at 500 degrees.

I lined the pans with aluminum foil but the foil didn't extend to the edges.

And of course the wings really spattered oil and the edges and parts of the bottom of the pans became oily and dark.

I like the pans to stay light colored so they don't get too hot for baking. So I scrubbed and scrubbed with a textured cloth to get all the baked oil off. But much of it didn't come off and the edges still feel really tacky.

So, would it make sense to use oven cleaner on the pans. (Washing it off really well of course.) I happen to have a can of it around.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Karykat,

    Just a suggestion. I think oven cleaner will work, but it is a bit aggressive and toxic as well. I would start with the baking soda routine first. It is milder and nontoxic. Best luck.

    1. have you tried baking soda? or bar keepers friend? either of those usually does the trick for me

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      1. re: sinja

        BKF has never failed me. Can you soak them in the sink with BKF and vinegar?

        PS There's always the option of buying some additional sheets and saving these for wings, now that they're already 'broken in' ;)

      2. SOS/Brillo pad and elbow grease.

        1. You shouldn't have to resort to oven cleaner, and if your pans are the typical aluminum half-sheet pans oven cleaner might well ruin them.

          Echoing bostonhound, I suggest you just use a scouring pad like brillo or sos and hot water. Keep scrubbing, hard, and the baked on oil will come off.

          1. I found brillo scratched my sheet pans and so that was no good. The best thing is Dawn Power Dissolver. You spray it on, let it sit and the grease comes right off. You do need to do this multiple times for the really hard spots, but of everything I tried this worked the best. I think we found it at Ace Hardware store of all places.