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Dec 21, 2009 11:49 PM

Needed: classic dishes from South America


A group of churches are putting together an International Dinner and our church is representing South America. We'd like to offer up some classic dishes from various countries. Could you help by offering some of your favourite dishes, suitable for a buffet?

Many thanks,


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  1. My favorite dishes are Peruvian... I would recommend that you get your hands on a good recipe for an arroz con camarones or arroz con mariscos for a buffet, perhaps if seafood is not your forte, then a classic arroz on pollo or pato. There are great recipes for all these in "The Art of Peruvian Cuisine" , which he apparently has also posted many of his recipes on-line here:

    1. Ceviche: Peruvian style; cubes of fish (red snapper is OK), lime juice, diced chile and tomato, feather cut red onion, top with torn cilantro; serve with boiled cassava and sweet potato; chicha morada (non-alcoholic maize drink).

      Saice: delicious southern Bolivian hash

      Manisoba: long cooked Brasilian cassava (yuca) leaves

      Sancocho: Colombian chicken & stew

      Anticuchos: Peruvian marinaded and grilled beef heart

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      1. Empanadas are delicious, versatile and ideal for a buffet. The choices are endless but as an Argy myself, I'd recommend Argentinean empanadas (de carne with minced meat, boiled eggs, green olives, raisins and onions or humita made with sweetcorn and cream or Caprese with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil).

        Arepas (from Colombia or Venezuela) and tamales would also be a great idea.

        1. I would suggest empanadas, which are common all over South America in various forms, and barbecued steak, popular in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Also, for your dessert, anything with dulce de leche--caramel--is a must! Alfajores, which are like shortbread cookies with dulce de leche sandwiched in, are a classic. I think the Peruvian suggestion of arroz con mariscos is great. It's tough to say 'this represents all of South America' because there are so many climate and regional differences! I write a blog about Argentinan recipes where you'll find good emapanda and dulce de leche choices. Good Luck!

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            A large pastel de choclo prepared in a large casserole might work well - I don't know if there are any recipes for large quantities but you can just multiply upwards. It would work well in a large foil pan, and keeps well.

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              Rebecca, thank you so much! I will be reading your blog.