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Dec 21, 2009 10:21 PM

Awesome breakfast place (w/Goetta) in Downtown Cincinnati?

Coming in from out of town and am staying in downtown Cincy. I would like to find an awesome breakfast place that my family will enjoy where I can try goetta. Please help!

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  1. Tucker's, 1637 Vine Street. The neighborhood isn't the best, but should be okay at breaktast time.

    1. I think Hathaway's in the Carew Tower/Tower Place complex has goetta. The breakfasts are pretty good but not as good as Tucker's, which is a cab ride from the downtown hotels. There's a new place up Vine, four-five blocks from the hotels, called Mayberry. I know they have breakfast but I don't know if goetta is on the menu. There's also First Watch, on Seventh near Walnut, that has good breakfasts but again, I don't know if they have goetta. Mythos, a Greek restaurant on Fourth near Walnut, has breakfast but I can't vouch for the quality.

      If I want goetta, I go to Camp Washington Chili, but that's 10 minutes from downtown.

      1. Hathaway's in Carew Tower is the only place I know of that serves goetta in downtown. Just north of downtown is the Echo in Hyde Park (you'd have to drive or take a cab). Unless you have a concealed carry permit I would avoid the 1600 block of Vine.

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          For what it's worth, Tucker's does list goetta on their menu, and although the neighborhood is sketchy, it's not so bad an out-of-towner couldn't take a cab there. I like the Echo pretty well, but it's a run-of-the-mill diner and I don't think it's worth a cab ride from downtown.

        2. I was in Cinci last month and stayed downtown. I drove just a *little* out of the way to the Bellvue Bistro (it was maybe about 7 minutes from the Millennium Hotel), but it was well worth it.
          Here is the link:

          We also ate breakfast at Mokka, it was also about 7 minutes from our downtown hotel. It was great as well. There is no website, but here is an address

          500 Monmouth St
          Newport, KY 41071

          Urban spoon is your friend! :)