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Dec 21, 2009 09:43 PM

Goose Fat: Help

So, I'm messin' with a goose for Christmas just like all good Jewish girls should. I'm working off of Hugh's Christmas Goose and am having some trouble getting enough fat before I roast the breast. Basically, I want to confit the legs and thighs but have not gotten enough fat off of the rest of the bird before roasting the breast. I need to make the confit in the fat before I roast the rest of, how to I separate some of the fat packs from the skin BEFORE I cook it?

Thanks, all.

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  1. I can't tell from your question whether you have some rendered fat and need more or you just want to know how to remove the fat from the uncooked goose?
    So, if you're talking about the big clumps of fat in the cavity, just remove them by pulling them out, cut them up and render them:
    Remove the excess fat (there should be plenty of it) from around the neck end and inside the cavity of the bird, near the legs. The fat must be rendered: put all the fat, and fatty pieces, in an ovenproof dish and into a moderate oven, 350*. After half an hour, strain all the melted fat through a sieve into a bowl. Return the dish to the oven and repeat the straining every 15 minutes or so, until all the fat has been rendered. Let the rendered fat cool, and keep it in the bowl until you need it. You can also render on the stovetop but I like the even heat of the oven, then you don't burn the crispy bits, which are delicious.
    If you don't have enough goose fat and can't get more, duck fat will be a reasonable sub for part ot the recipe.

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      Yeah, I'm trying that but They don't pull out so easily.

    2. So you don't have enough fat or you can't get it out of the goose? It should pull out by hand; just grab it firmly and go. If you find that you don't have enough, I echo Bushwick's suggestion of Duck Fat which isn't hard to find.

      Where do you live? If worse comes to worse, ask around for a butcher that carries Schaller and Weber products. I believe that they sell Goose Fat retail so if you are nice, they may be able to get it on order. I know of a few in NYC but you may be up a creek where you are.

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      1. re: Ernie Diamond

        Yeah, I'm guessing the folks who reared this bird took those fat packs out to render and sell. Uggg, I'm in the city so I'll try to track down some goose fat on it's own. I'd skip it and just roast the thing, but I've already carved up the legs/thighs and salted them for confit, so I'll need more fat.

        1. re: mrabin

          If by, "The City," you mean New York, there is a great place on the upper east side (Yorktown) that stocks Schaller and Weber products. It is a German Butcher. You are made in the shade, my dear. Call around and ask for duck or goose fat. I think you will find what you need.

          Fie on those scoundrels for stripping your bird of its precious fat stores!