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Dec 21, 2009 06:45 PM

Anniversary Dinner Troquet vs Clio?

Hello all,

I'm new to the ChowHound community, nonetheless I've been reading some of your reviews reviews and think some of you can provide some insight for me.

My girlfriend and I are celebrating our 1 yr anniversary in Jan and I'm entertaining a few different restaurants for us. I'm looking for a warm, romantic setting...great service, great food, great cocktail list, great wine would be an added bonus but not a necessity.

I've eaten at No 9, and it's a bit too stuffy for this occasion, and I'd like to try something new. I was considering L'espalier, however the new location seem a bit more "business like" for lack of a better term, and I'd rather not drop $300 as some other posters have suggested. We both enjoy all types of food, and I'm thinking about Clio or perhaps Troquet. I'd like to keep the budget around $100/person.

Any and all thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance

Woodford on the rocks

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  1. Nearly impossible to keep to to $100 per person at Clio. I've had great meals there, but vastly prefer Troquet. Troquet also is more romantic (see if they will reserve a table overlooking Boston Common for you), and has possibly the best wine program in Boston. The do flights of wine (in addition to by the glass or bottle choices) where you get 2 or 4 oz pours of 3-5 different types of wine that will acoompany various menu choices. Excellent food, and much closer in price (might be a bit over depending on wine/alcohol) than Clio would be.

    1. Troquet. The dining room is lovely and the food is always consistently great.

      1. I know I am alone here, but the one time I went to Troquet I just wasn't that impressed. No specific complaint, it was fine, but there are many places in the Boston area that are much better than fine at that price point. (Could have been a fluke, everyone else seems to love it.)

        I will suggest Grotto. It's not as fancy as the other places you mentioned, but it is cozy and romantic and has great food.

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          I'm with you Pia. We weren't impressed with Troquet and I don't find the room all that romantic.

        2. Thank you all for the input thus far. Kim, although $100/person is my target budget, if Clio's food/service/ambiance was worth the extra money I'd most certainly splurge. But it seems to me that you definitely prefer Troquet over Clio. We're in our 20's and like to have a good time wherever we go so the atmosphere needs to be there as well.

          I may be leaning a bit more towards Troquet, the wine flights are something my girlfriend loves, and the fact that it over looks the common is a plus. The menu at Troquet seems to hit the nail on the head for a winter meal with their variety of fish and hearty meat dishes.

          How is the menu at Clio...? Like I said, I'm leaning more towards Troquet, but who's to say I can't be influenced.


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          1. re: Woodford on the Rocks

            If you enjoy wine flights, then Troquet is the place to go. They have the best wine by the glass program I've ever seen anywhere. Reasonable pricing, great selection and food matching, and the flights of 2 oz pours are fun.

            1. re: Woodford on the Rocks

              I'll also throw my support to Troquet. Their wine list is excellent, and very reasonably priced. Plus, I really loved their desserts. Their pastry chef is very talented, and does many seasonal desserts.

              1. re: Woodford on the Rocks

                Clio's my favorite in the city, though I agree it's likely out of your preferred price range. The menu, which you can see on the website, focuses on what's seasonal with several nods to some of Oringer's favorite ingredients and techniques - uni, unagi, shiso, oil-poaching, braising. Last time I was at Clio they had one of the city's last bottles of A. H. Hirsch 16-year bourbon, which I suspect you might enjoy.

                I'm a Troquet fan (love that Normandy butter), but have been less impressed on busy nights, or when my DC ordered the "safe chicken" or equivalent.

                Consider (and most others around here will disagree) the soiree room at Upstairs on the Square for fancy-hip-but-not-snooty-hipster rooms with food that I like a lot.

                1. re: enhF94

                  I may just have to go for the bourbon!!!! haha

                  Thank you for your input. I'm definitely a fan or Oringer, Love toro. I'm still torn here. Consider money not an issue... What is better all around for what I'm looking for. Great Food/Flavors...great drinks, great service, great ambiance.

                  I understand both restaurants have slightly different genres of food going.
                  Regardless, I'll eventually go to both, but right now, I need a great spot for our anniversary. Something that says..."you know what..? I think I'll keep you around for a bit.." :)

                2. re: Woodford on the Rocks

                  Here's a link to the Clio website and menu . It seems they have a 3 course prix frix Mon-Thursday at $49 per person which would be a great deal if you were dining then. I still prefer Troquet over Clio, however.

                  1. re: Woodford on the Rocks

                    FWIW, Clio is much fussier than Troquet. Taking the food, wine, and price out of the equation, from your description I would definitely point you to Troquet. Putting price back in, the same. For the record, I'm not a big fan of Clio - I don't think it's worth the $$$ for the experiences I've had there. Good luck with whatever you choose.