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Dec 21, 2009 06:43 PM

burger kings funnel cake sticks

man these things are so good. only issue i have with these is that i think youre supposed to get 10, and they have only been giving me 9.... ive bought them 3 times and got 10 once.

but burger king has officially become the best bang for your buck. i can get 3 double cheeseburgers, and an order of funnel sticks, for 5.46 with tax.

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  1. I cannot believe i took the time to do so, but I did a little googling and it appears that the funnel cake sticks at BK come in a 9-pack. You get 9, OK? So consider yourself blessed by some dark & archonic carb angel for the holidays, in receiving an extra funnel stick in your recent grazing debauch. I admit that I find your quest for quantity in fast food both disturbing and fascinating, and further, admire your consistency in motivation, apparent across all your postings. The 9-pack of funnel sticks (at $1.77 per order) are 300 calories per order, so you'll be delighted to know that you could purchase three orders, receive 27 funnel sticks, and come in at under 1000 calories for only $5.31. It's a Festivus miracle!

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        the sticks are like 2.60 here. i think next time ill just get 2 double cheeseb urgers and 18 sticks.

      2. awesome! i love funnel cake, and haven't been to bk in a long time. can't wait.

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        1. I am going to BK tomorrow!

          1. Hope they "do 'em" in the same fryer as the BK Fish, mmmm!

            1. I tried the new dollar double cheeseburgers you mentioned in your post recently. Oddly enough (i was in the drive through) they still had double cheeseburgers listed on the menu as $1.99 under sandwiches. Then at the very end of the dollar menu, they listed the $1 double cheeseburger. I ordered without pickles or onions, but with mustard and ketchup, and got mine with mustard and pickles. The biggest problem with this burger is the sesame seed bun. It is too soft and just falls apart if you try to peel it off the top of the burger. The cheese was satisfyingly melted to the meat, but overall, the McDonald's double, even now that they are shorting you a slice, is better.

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                You are right, about once every two weeks or so I'll hit BK or Taco Bell, that's the poorest excuse for a bun on that double cheese. It basically disintigrated for me.