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Dec 21, 2009 04:53 PM

Dessert & Drinks for 120

I am in search of a restaurant/bar/venue that can provide drinks and desserts for a late evening reception for about 120. I am open to any area of LA but would prefer the Westside, Hollywood, or West Hollywood. I would like to keep it under $50 pp.
Any ideas? Thanks

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  1. i think westside tavern would be perfect for this. they have two private rooms that can be combined - i think one is for 50 people and the other is for 100 (or around that number). they have phenomenal cocktails and great desserts as well. they are not open until 2 a.m. - but are open late. this restaurant is amazing and also has a very nice vibe.

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    1. re: bu dat

      I think this is a fantastic suggestion.

    2. when you say 'drinks'
      do you mean wine?, beer?, mixed drink?s, fancy mixed drinks?, shots?

      fancy mixed drinks run over $12/drink before tax and tip at many places, while decent wine (especially purchased by the bottle) is less than that

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Cocktails, wine and beer. I want my guests to be able to choose what they want to drink.

        1. re: emilymm

          is your number of $50/pp inclusive of tip, tax, any room charge? or are you saying $50/pp plus about 10% tax , another 20% service charge, and maybe a room charge in addition?

          1. re: westsidegal

            I'd like to keep it at about $50 pp and I'd like that to include all of the extra charges. Is this even possible?

            1. re: emilymm

              yes. two cocktails + dessert should be about $30, $3 tax, $6 tip = $11 spare (one more beer!).

              1. re: bu dat

                but dat,
                where would that price be available for a group of 120?
                also, we are not talking about any limit to the number of cocktails or desserts--presumably open bars and buffet tables will be set up. if the desserts look good, people will likely want to sample more than one.
                in my neighborhood, mixed fancy cocktails often run $12 each, so obviously, this bash needs to be held in your neighborhood. of what establishment are you thinking?

                1. re: westsidegal

                  have you ever considered suggesting something (other than cafe del rey and c&o) instead of criticizing everything? seriously unhelpful.

                  1. re: bu dat

                    i'm seriously asking you what establishment you know of that would be able to provide 120 people with dessert and mixed drinks for $50/pp all in.

                    seriously, if YOU want to be helpful, please divulge the establishment that will offer the deal YOU described--two cocktails, one beer, and dessert for $50/pp ALL IN on the westside, hollywood, or west hollywood for a party of 120 people.

                    as it turns out, i asked a friend of mine, a catering manager, if the restaurant she works in could accomodate the OP and sadly, it could not.
                    i admit that i'm not familiar with many of the the restaurants in hollywood.

                    so, bu dat, ball's in YOUR court now.

      2. The Bazaar would be fun. OR Grace.

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        1. re: ElissaInPlaya

          "Fun" is not what comes to mind when I think of Grace. I wonder if the patio at the Buffalo Club might work.

        2. Simon LA in the Sofitel hotel comes to mind with Kerry Simon's junk food desserts.
          You may be able to take over some part of the patio or the Stone Rose Lounge, which definitely has the bar requirement covered.

          1. if it were me, i'd certainly prefer bazaar, simon la , or grace, all which were all suggested by others already.
            if those can't come in at budget, a backup possibility (although not necessarily chow-worthy) might be the radisson hotel in culver city near the intersection of centinela and sepulveda.
            they have a very beautiful, very classy-looking, private room (i believe that it's called the Culver Room) that is paneled in mahogany and inlaid wood. the room has a full bar in it (normally on fridays and some saturdays they book jazz groups in there), and the price point of most of the food and drink they serve is about right.
            the key will be if they will let you forgo a room charge.
            i'd imagine that they would also comp self-parking for your guests (parking is something to be considered anywhere you chose in that many places couldn't accommodate that many cars arriving at the same time).