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Dec 21, 2009 04:34 PM

Christmas Day in DC?

Weather permitting, I'm planning to visit DC solo for a few days starting Christmas day, staying (at a great rate) at the Topaz Hotel near Dupont Circle. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a nice Christmas Day meal. Haute cuisine would be lost on me - I'm looking for a congenial, solo-friendly place with decent food for Christmas lunch or dinner.

Saturday/Sunday brunch recommendations also welcome. I'll have a car, but willing to travel via cab/Metro for convenience.

Thanks in advance for recommendations.

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  1. There are hotel restaurants that would fit your needs - The lovely and homey Tabard Inn, not far from where you are staying, should be serving on Christmas. Also look into Sou'wester in the Mandarin Oriental (near L'Enfant plaza) and Art and Soul, in the Liaison Hotel near Union Station.Most Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas, and Chinatown is easily accessible from the metro. I believe Bistrot du Coin, a raucous French place just north of Dupont Circle, is open on Christmas Day. That would be fun for solo dining - sit at the bar. I think the Smithsonians are closed on Christmas day, so I hope you have ideas for entertainment on that day (a movie?).

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      dc - thanks for the suggestions - I'm thinking Bistrot du Coin sounds like it might be a good bet (a couple of the others mentioned turn out to be closed on Christmas Day).

      Any thoughts about Corduroy or Article One? They are both open on Christmas. Will continue to poke around for some more options. Not sure about Chinese, but maybe Thai or Japanese...

      For entertainment, depending on the weather, I was thinking a church service, a long walk, maybe a car tour of the monuments, a glass of wine and a good book - and yup, maybe a movie (Sherlock Holmes? The Young Victoria?)

      1. re: chrisonli

        I'd definitely consider Corduroy. They would treat a solo diner well and the food is good but not to "fancy" for you (since you mentioned haute cuisine would be lost on you). I'm not really sure what all would be open that day so can't offer other recommencations but I'd look into Corduory seriously.

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          Since you mentioned church, a really lovely thing to do in DC on Christmas day is the organ recital at National Cathedral. (There's also a Christmas jazz jam every year at the Kennedy Center's millennium stage (free).) I'm trying to think of places to eat near there -- if Two Amys happens to be open, I think it would suit you really well and it would be convenient to the Cathedral (you'd want to drive, I think). It's also not too far from National Cathedral to Cleveland Park where the huge-screen Uptown Theater is (I believe currently showing Avatar), and there are lots of restaurants there, including a nice Vietnamese place, Nam Viet -- but again, no idea what would be open for eating. Cleveland Park is a very easy metro ride, or drive, from Dupont.

          Corduroy is definitely haute.