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Dec 21, 2009 02:35 PM

Xmas Dinner in Paducah, KY or Cape Giradeau, MO?

By circumstances beyond my control, it looks like I may be taking two ladies out to dinner Xmas evening rather than staying in . Any suggestions other than Waffle House for either Paducah, KY or Cape Giradeau, MO. Any other areas withing an hours drive would be fine. We're situated right between both of them. Even a bar that serves food would be cool too. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I used to live in Cape Girardeau in the early 1990s and went back for a visit the first time in 17 years this fall. Lots of changes to the town, but one great restaurant didn't change a bit. I was delighted to see that Port Cape Girardeau ("Port Cape") is still there down near the waterfront in the historic district. I don't know if it will be open on Christmas Day, but if it is I'd like to suggest it. It won't be fine dining, but it will be memorable. The historic brick building from the early 1800s and sublime bbq ... dang, all these years and I still remember how good it was.

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      I'm pretty sure they are closed. Did you ever get to the Sunday nite jam sessions when musicians that were passing through between NO & Chicago would stop by and play a few tunes w/ the local talent. I heard many a story about those jam sessions and sadly never made it to one.

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        Hmmm..great suggestion. I'll check!