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Dec 21, 2009 02:09 PM

Help with Venison-based appetizer

A well meaning friend with no culinary knowlege has asked me if I would mind cooking a venison roast for him - he's a hunter. Yesterday he game me a frozen hunk o'beast to roast, but it's a little small at only 640 grams trimmed (~1.4 lbs). We are expecting to feed 6 people. To compensate for the small cut he also gave me two venison filets/steaks.

The roast is no problem, but what the heck to I do with two small steaks to divide among 6 people?

My only real thought was to make some simple popovers, quickly sear the steaks on both sides to medium-rare, and add a pan sauce, the portion and serve.

Any other steak-based appetizers floating around for a very game meat?

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    1. We made a venison salami that came out fantastic....this recipe:

      1. I would just cook the steaks as you suggested, and then serve it in slices alongside slices of the roast -- to give people a sample of each type of cut. It would perhaps seem weird to have an appetizer of venison and a main dish of venison, so I guess that's why I'd combine the two cuts into one main.

        The filets are usually very tender and delicious, so I would not make them into salami. That recipe may be great but use a less good cut for it.

        1. I once had one filet, so I cooked it to medium-rare, sliced it, and served it on crostini with some arugula and gorgonzola.