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Gift to send client besides edible arrangements.

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I need to send a client/colleague a gift, hopefully Wednesday the latest. Originally I wanted to send a gift certificate for lunch delivery but don't know where to even start with that. There are only 3 or so people in the office. Normally we send Edible Arrangements but I want to do something different this year. I looked into baskets from Dean & Deluca as well as from Chelsea Market. Any suggestions? Perhaps some sort of fruit/nut mix or other ideas. Thanks.

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  1. What about cupcakes or cookies? Crumbs delivers and so does Zaro's.

    1. OH God! No more sugar!!! I'm cross eyed from the all the cookies and chocolates in our office. Cheese from D&D sounds like heaven to me. Or citrus from south florida or texas!

      1. I sent great gifts from Stew Leonards

        Check out
        Stuffed Artisan Cannolis
        on the Lower East Side
        delicious mini's...many fillings to chose from

        1. Zabar's does great gift baskets, or if it doesn't necessarily have to be from someplace local, Zingerman's is excellent: http://www.zingermans.com/

          you might also consider an assortment of specialty teas & coffees as an alternative to food.

          1. I've done baskets from Russ & Daughters as well as Barney Greengrass, and those have always gone over well, but they are pricey.

            Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Butter Lane both deliver cupcakes, if that's your thing.

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              Fat Witch Bakery - great "baby" brownies individually wrapped, many flavors

              Store located in Chelsea Market


            2. Jacques Torres has some lovely baskets/arrangements -- I've also found their service to be much better than D&D in the past.

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                  I'll second Manhattan Fruitier. I've used them this year for 4 or 5 gifts and everyone has been really wowed.