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Dec 21, 2009 12:24 PM

Christmas Eve dinner suggestions with 2 year old

Anyone have any suggestions for dinner in d.c. or bethesda area? thanks!

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  1. in DC, maybe try Firefly in Dupont? They might be open, esp as they're attached to a hotel...but it's nice reasonably priced American that's homey and warming this time of year. Kid friendly enough with soups and friendly staff. And a giant tree in the middle that a child might enjoy looking at.

    But I don't have a kid, so I'm not positive it's the right place for a kid

    1. Firefly is a good recommendation. I've also seen children at Bistro du Coin, a fun, loud french bistro (where a loud child certainly won't be out of place).

      Also if you like Chinese food I would check out Full Kee or Sichuan Pavilion, both in the District.