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Dec 21, 2009 12:22 PM

Georgio's in Cary, NC??

I have noticed a new place has opened up in Cary at High House and Cary Parkway. (over by La Farm.)

Sign says: Georgio, googling it pulled up this website:

Anybody know anything?

thanks in advance,


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  1. This is to be Giorgio B's place. The guy that owns Parizade, Vin Rouge and other Durham/Ch establishments. It was reported in the paper a few weeks back.

    1. My wife and I went to Giorgios on Thursday evening. They say they have been open about two weeks. The menu is Mediterranean, heavy on seafood. A featured item is seafood a la plancha, offering scallops, swordfish, shrimp, grouper and salmon as options. We tried the mixed greens salad and the beet salad, both were very good. As entrees we had the swordfish and the scallops, which were outstanding. Both were served over a puree of winter vegetables. The menu also offers seven different veggie side dishes; the barley and wild mushrooms was a winner. e We can't wait to come back and try some of the others. Great wine by the glass options; roughly 24 choices coming in at 6, 7, 8 and 10 bucks. Service was very smooth on the whole; did have to wait a bit for the second round of wine. Giorgio himself was there. We intend to return soon. It is great to have him back in Cary at the top of his game.

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          Additionally I just saw the article on this place in the N&O yesterday. I saw they took the chef from GlassHalfFull in Carrboro. I'm not sure he was doing anything to wow that crowd, but it might explain why New Years dinner there was so below par to me.

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            Good choice. I really liked Glashalfull's small plates, and not surprisingly, the small plates on the menu look the most intriguing.

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            Second trip this Friday and it will be awhile before any third trip. Side veggies have vanished from menu, although they say they will be back "soon." I did fine with the baby beet salad and the grilled grouper, but my wife's chickpea-fennel soup and snapper plaki were both pretty bland. Looking at the menu again, I just do not see anything on the menu that dominates what I can get at other established restaurants in Raleigh/Cary. Service was solid this time and the place was packed. Menu innovation is the biggest challenge right now.

            4300 Cary Pkwy, Cary, NC 27513

          3. We had high hopes last Wed., but sadly, not to be realized. This place has a long way to go in terms of service, food quality & quantity. We arrived fairly late and so tried the small plates to have a light meal and to try as many dishes as possible.Good wine list, esp. by the glass and decently priced. Food, not so much. The eager-to-please server constantly interrupted our conversation, poorly coordinated food arrival from the kitchen - which was barely warm when it arrived (important w/ calamari) and pushed the previous course off the table. I'd give it an Applebees rating for service, not a premium restaurant. Harrissa aioli for the calimari was colored correctly, but no flavor of harrissa. Charcuterie platter reminded us of late lamented Gaulart & Maliclet cafe, which was much better. Note to chef: a few flakes of pickled fennel does NOT equal classic cornichons on this kind of platter, nor does four v. thin slices of meat and 3 tiny saucisses w/ a smear of mustard. The soup was also not hot enough. The entree list looked enticing, but based on the prices, service and food we received, don't know if we'd go back. Maybe back to Maximilian's or Bistro 64.