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Dec 21, 2009 11:52 AM

bachelorette dinner

hi - I'm originally from philly, haven't lived there in years... so my knowledge on great restaurants is non-existent. i'm visiting philly for a bachelorette evening in mid-january during the week. not the cheesy, corny, male stripper bachelorette evening, but more of an amazing restaurant experience, great food & wine, followed by a comedy club & maybe some bar hopping. there's about 8-10 people going. i'm looking for mid level affordable type of restaurant. italian, french, american (no steakhouses) - cheaper is always nice, but if i have to splurge, i'll totally do it. i'm looking into manayunk, center city, old city, rittenhouse square areas.

i've gotten some recommendations so far that all sound amazing - Supper, Melograno, La Viola & Meritage. I want to hear what fellow chowhounders recommend, and if i'm on the right track w/ my list, and should just pick one of those.

thanks for your help!

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  1. Melograno is one of my favorites (and it's basically across the street from Helium Comedy Club so that hits two in one). It's mid-range in terms of price but it is BYOB, which will certainly help you out monetarily.

    La Viola is fun and delicious but can feel small in my opinion.

    Another option, though perhaps a bit more off the beaten path than you may want, is Bistro La Minnette at 6th and Bainbridge. It's charming and the food is fantastic.

    1. If I were you I'd just pick Meritage, it's close enough to Rittenhouse for the after-dinner party, it's right across the street from a good bar (Pub and Kitchen), and the food is very good. I tried a bunch of the 'snack' plates at Meritage recently and I would happily eat any of them again.

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        I would also recommend Pub & Kitchen as a place with really good food, they may be able to reserve you a large table in the back room, especially on a week night. You group could spend as much (full-on entree) or as little (burger) as they wanted.

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          As far as I know P+K does not take reservations. Which is a shame, because I'd go there a lot more often if they did. They might do it for a group of 8-10 though, it's worth calling. The food is great as urbanfabric says, I especially love their bar snacks.

      2. I'll go back to this well time and time again: Amada. IMO the most consistently great restaurant in Philly. I just had another meal with 8 people there and it was spectacular. It is a bit of a splurge, but worth it. Just do the $45pp tasting menu, add wine pairings if you want, and let them bring out plate after delicious plate. Lots of fun and the food is great.

        Reservations can be a bit tough so book ASAP.

        1. I'll second Bistro La Minette esp because they have a side room that seats about 18 that they might be able to give you. Another splurge would be James on 8th st just above Christian, they also have a small side room thye might be able to make available for you. Also, I love Beau Monde right across from Bistro La Minette, inexpensive, liquor license, fire place and a menu for all. Meritage has gotten great reviews in it's new incarnation!

          1. I always think Swanky Bubbles is a great choice for bachelorette dinners. I've been there for bachelorette dinners twice (and for dinner in general countless times). Admittedly, there are better, more "chow-worthy" restaurants in the city....but Swank Bubbles is a really fun place for bachelorette dinners. They specialize in champagne drinks, which gives a celebratory feel. The entire menu is served family style so sharing is encouraged which is fun. Don't be put off by the menu, which has a lot of Asian items...there are a lot of great options for everyone.

            Also, it's on Front Street between Market and Chestnut so the Old City bars are just a block away.