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Dec 21, 2009 11:37 AM

Middle eastern in Andover where Cassis used to be?

I heard a middle eastern place was going into that spot. Does anyone have any information on this, or has anyone been to the restaurant? Thanks.

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  1. Too bad about Cassis; I used to like that little place.

    The new spot is called Yella, it's Lebanese, and there are a few reviews on Yelp. First I've heard of it.

    1. I've had lunch there twice having different sandwich options. The babaganouj wrap was flavorful and good size. Also the chicken griddler was good but not remarkable. Both around $8 -$9. While looking at the menu they give you complementary homemade pita chips and hummus. The decor is warmer than when Cassis was there but the small room can get quite noisy when full. it is owned and run by a lovely couple and the husband is the chef and the wife serves as hostess and is very solicitous without being pushy. Both times at lunch time they were busy and they told me that they've had to turn away people at dinner on the weekends so be sure to make reservations. I will definitely be back to support an independent restaurant and I hope they do well.

      1. We were very disappointed when Cassis closed but Yella has been an fine replacement. Probably been 7 or 8 times since they opened. Almost everything on the menu we've tried has been well prepared and seasoned well. The only thing we haven't like has been the ground lamb on the combo plate. It has generally been very dry but the Chicken and beef kabobs were very flavorful and cooked perfectly. the same goes for the lamb rib chops which we find quite addictive. the chicken wing app is also rather addictive as well. They are very busy on weekend nights and late in the week at lunch or that has been our experience. We end up there for early dinner on Sunday's most of the time. The Meze plate is another favorite. We were there a week ago Sunday and it was a nice meal. The pricing on dinner is a tad high but not terrible. the lunch menu is priced well. I wouldn't say portions are huge but there's more than enough food on the plate for the price (unless you have to have a couple of extra meals worth of leftovers. I find too much food on the plate a real turnoff which you get a lot of in the suburbs) The owners a very nice and the wait staff while a bit inexperienced do a good job.

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          We had a great meal at Yella last night - our experience matched that of amljml and jeff, in that the food was well prepared and the atmosphere pleasant. Definitely a good addition to the rather sparse choices in Andover.

          Yella Grille
          16 Post Office Ave, Andover, MA 01810

        2. hey, thanks for posting about this. We love to try new Falafels, after falling in love in Paris.

          1. I had never tried Cassis and had wanted to try it...why did it shut down?