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Dec 21, 2009 11:15 AM

Your choice of cut for a steak sandwich?

so i made a steak sandwich with gruyere bechamel and roasted tomatoe and roasted garlic aioli.

the meat i used was sliced rib eye i got at a japanese shop.. so it was very thin almost like minute steak thin.

now the sandwich was delicious.

but i wasnt happy with how the meat looked. the thin cuts tend to look pretty boring to the eye- so i had to cover up with sauce to ward off any wandering eyes.

I would like to know what cut of meat you use for your sandwiches?

i would like to sear it via pan and finish in oven ( depending on how thick it is) and slice it against the grain for a more refined steak sandwich.

so what do you use? btw.. please dont recommend tenderlon.. id like something a bit more affordable while still soft and juicy.


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  1. Teres major, a relatively new cut similar to tenderloin, is very affordable, around $3 or 4/lb. If you have a good butcher he will know. Otherwise I like to use rare sirloin, for which I usually pay $3.99 or so on sale. I grill it first and use the leftovers for either sandwiches or omelettes. Also a marinaded flatiron is really good, you can cook it up quick on a Geo Foreman.

    1. Top Blade/Flat Iron, Tri-Tip Sirloin, Top But Sirloin, Flank and Hanger Steak all make nice choices for a sliced steak sandwich.