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Dec 21, 2009 11:14 AM

MSP: Where Can I Buy Really Good Swedish Meatballs?

I'm hosting a little get-together at my house on X-mas eve and would love to serve some really fine (non-Ikea) Swedish Meatballs. Normally, I'd be looking for a good recipe, but I've got a five-day-old son, a toddler, and too much to do between now and Christmas. Anyone have a bead on some decent meatballs? Thanks!

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  1. IKEA. If you can take the crowds!

    1. I'm sorry. I just read your post more carefully. (non-Idea).

      1. Ingebretsen's or Von Hanson's would have to have them, I'd think. That said, is there such a thing as a "really fine" swedish meatball?

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        1. re: kevin47

          I was charged by my mother to make a crock pot of Grape Jelly Meatballs. I had never heard of such a thing, Although I am seeing signs of such a thing on Google. I am not looking forward to this...I wonder what I did to upset her.

          Maybe I should of told her I have a grape allergy as we share a glass of wine.

          1. re: JanPrimus

            Grape jelly meatballs were a constant at my mom's house. I don't remember them being terrible. Of course, I was used to my mother's cooking at the time. : )

        2. Thanks for the tips. I'll call Ingebretsen's today and report back. I'll call Von Hanson's too. Kevin74, of course there's such a thing as a "really fine" Swedish Meatball. Top-quality meat, good spices, cream, careful preparation...

          JanPrimus, don't fear the grape jelly meatballs, I've had them and they can be pretty good.

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          1. re: Gr8Marlys

            I've had the IKEA ones at a party. How will the non-IKEA meatballs differ. (To expand my knowledge on meatballs.)

            1. re: karykat

              I don't know, either. My mom always made them from scratch and now she only buys the Ikea ones (with the gravy packet & lingon) and does not make them herself anymore. They are really, really good.
              PS - I made the Grape/Chili meatballs (got frozen beef/chicken mix meatballs at Smart N Final) for my holiday snacks for my work group and all 128 of them were gone in a matter of minutes (several people asked for the recipe as well).

          2. Haven't tried these, but here's a possibility. (My husband has made her Hasselback potatoes, and the family loves them.)