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Dec 21, 2009 10:47 AM

help make my kale "saag" less bitter

ok, home cookers, need your help again.
this time, a pot of saag on the stove, but it tastes SO bitter! i used fresh ginger and garlic (made into a paste), garam masala, cumin, a little dairy, onions, some oil. cooked down, processed. not very tasty.
i know this isn't authentic, but i need suggestions for how to make it creamier and less bitter. please!

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  1. You could caramelize some more onions separately (even adding a little sugar to them to really get 'em sweet). Add those to your kale, along with more full-fat dairy (cream, cream cheese, creme fraiche, whatever. Should help.

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    1. re: ChristinaMason

      that's a great idea about the onions. i'm a little scared of full fat dairy, but i'll blend up some cottage cheese and milk (sounds gross, but it usually works) and add that. TY!

      1. re: tracyk

        yogurt is a good choice for Indian foods as well. non fat may look grainy, but will still taste good. Full fat would be better though.

    2. Did you boil the kale first, changing the water a couple times?

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        no, i didn't. i see now that that is my problem. I've never done that before, but i've never cooked 3 lbs of kale before. hindsight, as they say. i think if i continue to cook it down, it will turn a little more sweet than bitter. that's usually the case with kale, anyway....

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          The other thing about kale is that kale that has not experienced a good frost is noticeably more bitter than kale that has. (This is true of some other greens as well.)

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            Hope it works out. I love kale and saag. I'll have to combine the two sometime.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              thanks for all the suggestions and info! one thing i learned in my research is that the difference between palaak and saag is that palaak is ONLY spinach. so i guess i technically was making saag.
              it turned out really well. i carmelized a small red onion. added TONS of fat free cottage cheese, blended with the immersion blender. added a pinch of curry and some red pepper. i also let the saag cook down for about 4 hours on low heat. a lot of not labor intensive work that resulted in a decent dish that should be relatively easy to replicate without the anxiety!

              1. re: tracyk

                yay! glad you were able to rescue it.