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Dec 21, 2009 10:32 AM

need an opinion about my dinner choices

I will be in new orleans for five days

Here are the places I'm thinking about for dinner

GW Finns
Bistro Daisey
Dantes kitchen

Which ones are a must? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Looks like a good list with deifnte variety, if you can't go everywhere, I might save Dante's Kitchen or Finns for next time, although each offers its own charms. I think the strength New Orleans is in the number of good to very good restuarants, rather than the number of your 5 star type locals. If you are unsure about some apsect of one of your options, ask the question. Otherwise, it depends more on your taste than anything else.

    1. Do not get the Monk Fish at August it was terrible. Sauce was awesome. Fish was WAY to fishy. I have never heard of Milia. Do you mean Mila?? Gw Fins Great. Bistro daisy never been,
      Liliette Very good
      Dantes- Good but but not every visit has been good. Around the corner is One on Hampson and it is much better. Best Duck and Okra gumbo.
      Herbsaint was ok

      My favorites are Brigtsens which is across from Dantes. Dick and Jennys Is always amazing! Also Don't forget one on hampson!

      Links: There are 3 of my favorites!

      1. Le Foret...tasting menu (wine pairing not yet avail.)
        August......tasting menu w/ wine pairing