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Dec 21, 2009 10:14 AM

San Diego Christmas Eve Cocktails ?

I am looking for a the best cocktail place I can find that will be open Christmas Eve. Tractor Room, Starlite, El Dorado all closed. Afraid most restaurants will want to close too early (this is what finally drove us away from Mr. Tiki's Mai Tai Lounge, which used to be our place -- over the years they got less and less happy with staying open late).

Any suggestions?

Our wish-list is:
excellent and interesting cocktails
(i.e., not just rum and coke, sex on the beach, and martinis swimming with shards of ice)
good for a group (at least 6, up to, say, 10)
not so loud we can't talk
having food would be a plus, but not required
located conveniently to trolley a plus, not required

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  1. How about a hotel bar? I think those might be more likely to be open. I like the cocktails at Suite & Tender and the Ivy.

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    1. re: Katherine H

      Yeah, I would have to think a hotel bar is your best bet.

    2. Top of the Hyatt, Jsix, Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel, Stingaree, Ivy rooftop, Altitude rooftop at the Marriott Gaslamp.