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Dec 21, 2009 09:55 AM

All-Clad French Skillets - regular or non-stick?

Williams Sonoma has a 2 pc regular French Skillet set (9"& 11") on sale for $129.99, whereas Macy's has the non-stick versions (7" & 9", I think?) on sale for $99.99

Any feedback on whether or not the nonstick or regular versions are okay?


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  1. I love my All-Clad dearly, but I wouldn't waste the money on the non-stick again. The two non-stick pans that I got are no longer non-stick. I wrote to AC and they sent me cleaning instructions to revitalize the non-stick coating, but it didn't work. Nothing worked. The regular AC will outlast me, but I now realize that I might as well buy some inexpensive non-stick pans and be prepared to replace them every few years. I got a big non-stick skillet (Kitchen-Aid brand) at Target recently for less than $30. It's really heavy and works as well as the AC non-stick.

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      I just got back (about 30 minutes ago) from exchanging an All Clad non-stick French skillet (that was just one year old) for its equivalent regular stainless without the non-stick. 2 evenings ago when washing the skillet after using it to fry hamburgers, the non-stick coating started peeling off, beginning at the rim, in one solid sheet. Not flecks or bits of non-stick-- a single solid sheet.

      I love All Clad, but something is wrong with their non-stick process/design/formulation.

      Apparently, I am not the only one this has happened to.

    2. that AC french skillet deal is $99 at sur la table for the SS.

      1. I like the all-clad 11" french skillet at Macy's the one that comes with the domed lid it is GREAT because I can cover it up and steam clams and turns out to be very useful.

        As to non stick I just have a 10" all-clad nonstick fry pan with lid, again special only item at William Sonoma. I only use it for eggs and nothing more because I heard how fragile the all clad non-stick are.. so far so good.

        1. I managed to find a 13" french ss skillet at TJM.. it's been great.
          I have the 9" ns version and it's been fantastic for making sandwiches, but I handwash and use nylon turners.