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Dec 21, 2009 09:49 AM

Restaurants Nob Hill and Russian HIll

I just moved here and am hosting a training session for 12 employees in the first week of January. Are there any restaurants in the Nob Hill/Russian Hill area where I can take a group of 12, limit is $30 per person.

Also, if there are any great sandwich places that deliver for lunch that would be most appreciated. I have been here one week and am loving SF! Thanks.

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  1. For sandwich delivery, you could check to see if any of the popular delivery bikes would deliver lunch to you.... Boccalone (in the Ferry Building), and others that I'm blanking on at the moment.

    Some trendy lunch-only places that might deliver include Sentinel, Farmerbrown, Fish&Farm (these are all walk-up, to-go type places, but it doesn't hurt to ask).

    More traditional delivery is from Specialty's, who deliver throughout downtown.

    For dinner, is your limit $30 per person including food, tax, tip, beverages, etc? If so, that's about $15 per person for a main dish with no appetizers or desserts ($15 + $8 beverage + $2 tax + $5 tip = $30) . Very little on Russian Hill or Nob Hill will be in that price range. Maybe pastas at Nob Hill Cafe (although they don't normally take reservations... that might be different for a group?). Perhaps heading down Russian Hill to North Beach (Joey & Eddie's, Cafe Roma, DeLucchi, Panta Rei would be perfect for this) or Chinatown (Hunan Homes, Bund, Chung King, Great Eastern) would work?


    1. For your dinner for 12 I would definitely suggest Fly can easily get out of there for $30 per person.