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Dec 21, 2009 09:39 AM


Hi Hounds - I'm buying a condo and need to replace the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. I don't need the most expensive models with all the new bells and whistles, but I do want well made reliable appliances. I'm a single woman and generally cook only for myself. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. TIA

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            I agree, but she said, not expensive!! Miele is expensive. I have one and love it, especially the top tray for the silverware.

      1. I recently bought a GE Profile Induction range, GE French door frig, GE microwave and Kitchen Aid dishwasher. Love them all.

        1. MARIKANSKY: "need to replace the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. I don't need the most expensive models"

          DOS Tip! Avoid all refrigerators -- any brand -- that have "through the door" ice or water. Pretend that they do not exist.

          Overall, bottom freezer refrigerators are the most reliable. Whirlpool Corporation's KitchenAid division makes some excellent bottom-freezer models.

          As for cooking, seriously -- seriously -- consider induction. Take a day off and read

          1. You will be getting an extremely varied response from different people here many of them very passionate about their choices.

            Dishwasher – IMHO you will find very little difference in cleaning/drying between high quality low end units and much higher priced units.

            These are the “IN” brand names, so if name plates matter to you buy one of them

            Bosch – Owned 2 – 3 failures in first 6 months of ownership, lousy racking, poor cleaning. It was the repair guy that suggested we purchase a different unit, they are legendary for having the pump seals break and spewing water all over the place.
            Miele – Neighbor owns the Optima series ($2000), with the exception of mine being just a little louder he says that I have better racking and it cleans better
            Fisher & Paykel – High maintenance issues, talk to repair people, if you get one that works they do fine, but your paying through the nose.
            Kitchen Aid – Love/Hate with these some work fine others are lemons out of the box and will be maintenance hogs.

            So what I have owned, a lowly Whirlpool bottom of the line Gold dishwasher, I have owned 3, one is still in use with no repairs after 17 years at a house we sold. The other two have been in use at my current house for 4 years. I paid under $ 500 for em. Don’t have a fancy name-plate but have a dishwasher that runs and runs and runs and runs and cleans the dishes and believe it or are fairly darn quiet too.

            Refrigerators – I use the same principals, with the exceptions of two compressor units $$$$$$ there really is not much difference between them except for their little creature comforts, styling, etc. LG has gotten to be a very good brand among repair people so I would probably start there and see if there are other models that I like better. Bottom line is watch you $$$$ unless you like to spend lots of money a $ 1800 refrigerator is nor going to ‘perform’ much better than a $700 one. The $1800 one may have more insulation, cool led lights, fancy racking systems, a nice nameplate, etc, but the actual refrigeration/freeze function will not vary that much.

            Range, like another poster said look at induction (sob, I love gas). Induction is the way to go, you ‘may’ have to buy different pots and pans, but it is a truly great system. I have no recommendations on manufactures for you, sorry.


            PS Let’s watch the flames begin, dishwashers to some people are like kids and I just called the kid ugly and stupid.

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              RetiredChef: "IMHO you will find very little difference in cleaning/drying between high quality low end units and much higher priced units. . . . Let’s watch the flames begin, dishwashers to some people are like kids and I just called the kid ugly and stupid."

              We will not call you stupid, but I do suggest that you have set the bar pretty low. I agree that most dishwashers are pretty close in cleaning/drying performance, but that is not the whole story.

              We moved into the house we still live in in the mid-1970s, and it already had a dishwasher in it, on its last legs, that we managed to squeeze a couple of more years out of before it died. We replaced it in -- let's say 1978: that's pretty close, anyway -- with a Whirlpool, which lasted, in a manner of speaking, for 25 years. We had to have the Whirlpool repaired a few -- more than three, less than a half dozen -- times over that period, and it kept breaking door counterbalance springs, which we stopped replacing after the third time. It also kept breaking glassware during the washing cycle, which we solved by washing all of our good glasses by hand. But generally, it was a fairly sturdy warrior for a quarter century, when one day it asked us to give it a merciful end.

              We checked out every "major" model on the market and were thisclose to getting a KitchenAid (the upmarket version of Whirlpool Corporation), when we ran into an old acquaintance, the former owner of a neighborhood appliance store who at that store had been very generous in spending his time to run down from obscure distributors a part for an old discontinued Westinghouse range that he had not even sold us, for a sale (of the part) that returned to him less than $10 gross. Having "retired" from his business around the turn of the century, in October 2003 he was working two days a week as a commissioned salesman at a much larger (but still locally owned) chain of appliance stores. I asked him about the KitchenAid that I was prepared to buy and which the store he now worked for sold. He did not dis' the KitchenAid at all, but he told me, refreshingly frankly, that the dishwasher I really should get was a Miele -- but I would have to get it somewhere else than the store where he worked, because the store we were standing in was not a Miele dealer.

              We subsequently found a Miele (model G848, since discontinued) elsewhere and bought it largely on the recommendation of the old pro appliance man, who had selflessly given his best advice against his own putative financial gain had he sold us a dishwasher from a line that was sold in the store he worked in. The price for the Miele, in November 2003, was $821, which seemed like a lot at the time, but over the last six years it has proved a genuine bargain. Believe me, if you ever use the silverware tray at the top of a Miele, you never willingly will go back to using any other method of washing silverware. And we can -- and do -- wash our most delicate crystal stemware in the Miele.

              So, although I can agree with you that there likely is little difference between the Miele and lesser dishwashers in cleaning/drying ability, the Miele is still a bargain because of its better handling of delicate dishes, its more convenient (and it DOES wash better) placement of silverware, and -- last but not least, its rock solid reliability: six years of hard use and never a hiccup or repair needed.