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Dec 21, 2009 09:37 AM

Christmas Eve in Boston: What's open?

Our plan is to drive into the city late afternoon and see the lights....then we would like to have a bite to doesn't have to be full course dinner....maybe a light bite. I'm not sure what's if anyone knows what's open, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I go out to dinner every Christmas Eve. This year we are trying the new Woodward at the Ames. In general the hotel restaurants are opn, but not much else. I'd try Brassarie Jo. I do know KO Prime is NOT open, as that was our first choice for this year. Good luck. I'd look into getting reservations if I were you as the few places that are open tend to fill up fast.

      1. Grotto has a feast of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve.

        1. shows 90+ restaurants open on Christmas Eve at around 7pm.

          1. Got this list from one of my industry PR contacts: Aquitaine, Aquitaine Chestnut Hill, Avila, The Blarney Stone, Cafe at The Taj, Cantina Italiana (lunch), Clink, dante, Davio's Back Bay, Davio's Patriot Place, The Fireplace, Gaslight, Legal Sea Foods (most locations), L'Espalier, Masa Boston, Metropolis, Meritage, Ristorante Fiore, Scampo (last seating 8pm), Sel de la Terre (Back Bay, Long Wharf, Natick), Sensing, Sherborn Inn, Union, UpStairs on the Square. A bunch of these are doing Feasts of the Seven Fishes or special holiday prix fixes.


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              I had an update yesterday that Grotto was sold out so they were going to also do a feast of seven fishes at Marliave.

              Open table is a good bet for finding a place to dine.