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Dec 21, 2009 09:36 AM

pressure cooker

I am looking for opinions of a stove top pressure cooker. It's a 6 Qt model.
it seems it might save me time making soup in 1 hour instead of 3. But what else can I cook with it? Can I steam a chicken or reduce fat of other meat in much less time?

Costco is selling one now for $50 and it's tempting with a nice thick SS and also induction compatible.
It's made by this brand and I am not sure if it is exactly this one.. if it really does have multi ply construction that's a real bonus.

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  1. I cook chicken cacciatore, pork spare ribs in bar b que sauce, chicken stock, pinto beans, stew, chuck roasts and pozole, Yes they cook in much less time. 6 qt is a good general size. I recommend "Pressure cookers for Dummie" as a good general guide if you do not have one yet.

    1. I have the Cuisinart Electric PC. I have made roasts, soup, veggies (great for squash and artichokes), risotto.....lots more. I have not done chicken, but I see no problem. I expect even boneless/skinless will come out very moist.

      1. Oh, my, I love my centuries-old Preso...I cook lamb shanks (with port wine and garlic from recipezaar), short ribs (asian flavored from epicurious) and beans in it ... love it! It's not just for soups.

        1. Magefesa is a Spanish company, and I believe their pressure cookers are still made in Spain. The quality is supposedly good. If you decide to go with that brand, check to make sure that you can get replacement rubber gaskets without too much difficulty, since you'll eventually need one. You can use a pressure cooker to prepare anything that cooks in moist heat, including meat, poultry, vegetables, grains, and beans. (Yes, you can steam a whole chicken; takes about 5 minutes a pound at high pressure.) To get an idea of the possibilities, go to or take a look at any good pressure-cooker cookbook. I happen to like Lorna Sass's books very much, but there are plenty of other useful ones out there.

          1. I use my pressure cooker to make chicken stock, cook dried beans, cook potatoes before mashing (use the included basket for the potatoes so they won't get waterlogged.) and when I make sauerkraut, potatoes, smoked sausage. When you get the hang of dried beans, you'll never want the canned again. I have used the pressure to make chilli, but I don't do that generally. Get Laura Brody's book so you can understand your cooker. (The New Pressure Cooker Cookbook.) I almost forgot. When I make beef stew, I use my cooker.