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Dec 21, 2009 09:09 AM

Christmas day dim sum, who's open?

Will be in LA from the Bay Area, and would like dim sum on Christmas day. Are most of the places in Monterey Park and nearby open? We used to go to Triumphal Palace (or whatever it's called now). How about Sea Habor in Rosemead?

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  1. They should be all open, and if past experience is any guide, they'll all be extra busy. Arrive extra early. Triumphal Palace is now called Lunasia and I think it's better than ever.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Agree -- Lunasia is a serious contender!

    2. I'm sure they will all be open. What type of dim sum are you looking for? Cart-style? Order off-the-menu?

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      1. re: raytamsgv

        I'd also like to get some guidance, we've done 888 and Elite -- prefer something on the lines of 888 (i.e. cart). Thanks!

        1. re: Silverlaker

          If you like cart service, 888 is very good. I also like Empress Harbour in Monterey Park because I like their Phoenix claws. The food is good, and the prices are moderate (similar to 888). Here are some other options:

          Capital Seafood (Monterey Park): decent, fairly inexpensive.
          NBC (Monterey Park): decent, fairly inexpensive.
          Lincoln Hotel restaurant (Monterey Park): so-so, inexpensive
          Full House (Arcadia): decent, inexpensive but very cramped room

        2. re: raytamsgv

          Either. Personally I have come to prefer the order off the menu style.

        3. Question should be "who's not open?"
          It's just another day of business for Chinese restaurants.

          1. In case anyone's doing research for the future...

            I got out to Lunasia around 1:00. The line was huge! The place closes at 3:00, and I didn't want to only have scraps--so we hied over to J&J restaurant. We know that minimall has three or four restaurants in it. We waited maybe ten minutes, and sat down!

            Other places that are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Thai gulch in North Hollywood!

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            1. re: cjla

              sea empress in gardena served dim sum starting at 10am,
              1636 West Redondo Beach Boulevard
              Gardena, CA 90247-3222
              (310) 538-6868

              1. re: cjla

                We went to Elite in Monterey Park, arriving around noon. The hostess was giving out numbers, so it wasn't necessary to stand in line. The wait seemed to be about an hour, so some of the more experienced customers actually left for a while during their wait. They also had order sheets and pencils at the front desk, so you could fill out your order while you waited.

                Once you were seated, service was very quick. They brought egg rolls around right away before taking your order.

                The menu was not as extensive as some other dim sum places, but the quality was excellent. We had about eight items for a bargain price of $28.