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Christmas appetizers to go with Prime Rib Dinner?

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I am making a rib roast, with roasted tomotes, pomme dauphinoise, mashed parsnips, and probably roasted asparagus.

I have a few ideas on appetizers, like my usual stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, and a few other stand bys. just wondering what you are making as an appetizer? Any thoughts?

Sometimes, I go way overboard with appetizers, and then no one eats my main meal! I am not making my usual NE clam chowder and Shrimp bisque soup because of this.

Thanks for your help!!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Great meal -- love all those things. I think I would add some lighter appies -- steamed snap peas in a light glaze, edmame, pickled veggies - so everyone can save room for that great main course.

    1. Cantalope wrapped with prosciutto held together with a stuzzicadenti (toothpick).

      Buon Natale e buon anno nuovo! Mangia bene!

      1. If by the term appetizer you are simply saying something before your prime rib dinner, then I would be serving a salad. You have a rich and heavy protein and starch item so you really want a light, fresh and lively appetizer. A salad can be fancied up if you with the addition of seared scallops, a few shrimps, mesquite grilled chicken, duck prosciutto, etc but the main part should be the actual greens themselves.

        1. I am making a smilar meal...I will prob be serving a brie cheese wheel topped with sundried tomatoes, basil, thyme... with crackers or bread.

          also was thinking about a gucaolmole and chips. I live in AZ and its still warm here.

          1. I am also doing roast rib of beef with roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings, cabbage and tons of gravy.
            I am going to make brie and cranberry puff pastry turnover for apps, very easy a blob of brie and a blob of cranberry sauce (not the jelly).

            of course mince pies and christmas pudding for dessert.

            1. Thanks everyone!! You bailed me out. The salad sounds perfect, and the brie definately always goes well when we have cocktail parties!

              Meery Christmas!

              (grazie, Chilidude!)

              1. I don't know why, but I like oyster with standing rib roast. There's a recipe in Silver Palate that is vey nice. Spinach in champagne sauce top the lightly broiled oyster.