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Dec 21, 2009 08:36 AM

Rosette Cookie Moulds in Toronto?

Hi fellow CHers,

I'm looking for rosette cookie moulds in Toronto. My existing one broke after 10 years of use. It's a long handled contraption with a metal prong that connects to various shaped moulds, in rounds, stars, snowflakes, butterfly shapes etc.

I've checked Tap Phong, Williams-Sonoma, major department stores, a few select specialty cooking stores to no avail. I'm not sure where else to check.

If any of you have seen these, I'd love to hear suggestions. I'm wanting to make them over the Christmas holidays.


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  1. I have seen them recently at Sasmart in Kensington Market. That's the housewaresy place overlooking the north side of the park (Denison?). Just around the corner from Amadeus. The place is a labyrinth so you'll have to ask for them - but I definitely saw them.

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    1. re: Nyleve

      Thank you Nyleve. I'll try heading down to Sasmart and seeing if they have any. Fingers crossed

    2. I could be wrong (wasn't paying close attention), but I may have seen some on an aisle display at Costco (Dufferin and Wilson).

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        Thanks Yongeman. If Sasmart doesn't check out, I'll try heading up to the Costco and seeing if I can can convince a Costco member to drag me in with them.

      2. Definitely saw them in St. Lawrence Market.

        1. If any CHers are interested, Sasmart in Kensington did indeed carry them. They had two different sets and individual timbale irons and one or two rosette irons. I elected to purchase an individual handle and a rosette iron, but am still looking for other shapes and sizes of the rosette irons

          baby_tran - Do you know if St. Lawrence Market had the individual irons/moulds for sale or if they only had the sets for sale?

          1. daeria, glad to hear you found replacements. For those who don't want to go downtown from the West End, you may want to check Golda's Kitchen out in Mississauga's Meadowvale neighbourhood. Their website shows a set available, they also do web orders...