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Dec 21, 2009 08:23 AM

Need a fabulous Christmas dessert for 2

Due to circumstances out of our control, this will be the first time ever that my husband and I have not spent the holiday with family.

Christmas dinner is a spiral sliced ham with some kind of glaze - I'm thinking maybe something utilizing root beer, roasted greens beans wrapped in pancetta, and maybe au gratin potatoes. The menu is still up in the air, but I have the basics down.

I need a spectacular dessert that will cap off our Christmas night. Desserts for just 2 are welcome, however leftovers are good too :)

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  1. This one is so easy-chocolate cups. They're easy and DECADENT! I use RR's recipe. You can really take it up a couple notches with very good chocolate, a splash of framboise or gran marnier.
    Make ahead and take out cups as you want them. Have chilled whipping cream on hand to whip up just before serving.
    Top with more chocolate shavings and/or berries.

    1. I would buy a small panetone and make a trifle. Use lots of shaved good chocolate and liquer. it could be very decadent.

      1. Your menu sounds great - my romantic dessert suggestion is
        Warm Sabayon over fresh fruit - there are many recipes on the internet but my basic recipe is
        4 Tbl sugar
        4 egg yolks
        1/3 cup marsala or (any sweet flavored wine or if you use rum cut back because of the higher alcohol
        Whisk constantly in a double boiler over simmering water until the yolks lighten in color, triple in volume or form soft peaks. Pour over fresh berries in a martini glass. Can be made ahead and chilled but I prefer it warm. If you chill it, you should whip heavy cream and fold it into the sabayon before serving.

        1. Not fancy, but delicious and might even be romantic, depending on plating.
          Buttery baked apples, sliced open and fanned out with a raspberry sauce and a dollop of creme fraiche. Garnish with raspberry and a mint leaf.