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Dec 17, 2009 10:15 AM

Dewars & Handling Liquid Nitrogen [split from L.A.]

Dewar's start at $ 500.00

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  1. Well - used ones started at 250.00 at Air Source Industries, Long Beach - which is what I was referring to in my post above. And maybe that's the best option I can find. But I have heard of people renting dewars so i just thought I'd ask.

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    1. re: YourBestFriend

      Dangerous stuff, and a used or rented dewar in the hands of an amateur can't increase your chances -- or your guests' or neighbor's chances -- of escaping intact. (See the "Safety" section at: ) Why not just have a Dewar's ( ), and call it a day?

      1. re: YourBestFriend

        I used liquid N2 very often in the lab and I would highly recommend no to use a used dewar. I have seen them explode and it is not funny.

        1. re: honkman

          good to know. I think I will let the scientists play around with the stuff and stick to making ice cream the old fashioned way...


          1. re: YourBestFriend

            Where was the place in Long Beach you were talking about? Gave you some for $40