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Dec 21, 2009 07:44 AM

MSP: Another great dinner at Meritage!

Had a great dinner at Meritage on Saturday and just wanted to encourage others who haven't been there lately to check it out. Everything was well done, from the service to the food. Very smooth and comfortable. Here's what we had:

St. Paul Sidecar and Minnesota(?) Manhattan. Both very good but the manhattan was fantasically smooth and the brandied cherries were fab.

Amusements (the $3 treats)
tuna tartar taco: nice and light and fresh
oxtail struedel: warm and savory with a nice filo style crunch
mushroom pain perdu: amazing with a sweet/savory mix.

French Onion Soup: hard to resist on a cold evening, a great version. Is there pernod or something with an tiny bit of anise in the broth?
Warm Bacon/Egg Frisee Salad: an excellent version of the classic

Sea Scallops with pork belly, kabocha squash puree, puy lentils and brussels sprout leaves. So satisfying! 3 huge scallops, melting pork belly, comforting squash and lentils, and a little green to brighten the taste. I cleaned the plate!

Saturday special: daube of beef provencale. A well done version of short ribs with mashed potatoes and nicely crunch veg. Excellent leftovers the next day!

After all that, no dessert for us, but we'll have to head back soon to try some!

Meritage - St. Paul
410 Saint Peter Street (Hamm Building), St. Paul, MN 55102

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  1. Meritage is definitely a standard berer and a top-5 on jfood favorites list. gotta try for the thursday coq one week.

    1. We were there Friday! Oxtail strudel and oyster shooter for amusements,
      Duck breast and steak frites with bearnaise sauce (is there another way to eat French fries?)
      Chocolate cake with orange custard sauce for dessert--I love this place!