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Dec 21, 2009 07:28 AM

90 acres

Hi, I heard good things about the relatively new restaurant in Peapack Gladstone called 90 acres. Has anyone eaten there who can share a point of view. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I just had dinner there Sunday night.....Loved it...the atmosphere, the food, the atmosphere! had drinks on the back patio, under the stars...Definitely a must visit!

      Ninety Acres at Natirar
      2 Main St, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ 07931

      1. StantonChef - there were a number of comments on 90 Acres fairly recently on the NJ Board, and I recall someone posting a link to a Star Ledger review. You may want to run a search on the NJ board using Natirar as a search term to see those comments.

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          Forklaw, thanks! I also found out if you spell out 90 (ninety) you get the majority of posts.

          Since I posted the original request, I did have the opportunity to dine there and found it to be wonderful. Had drinks on the back patio and my table was ready promptly at my reservation time (on a weekend evening!) I originally asked for an 8:00 reservation and they told me the earliest would be 9:00 but would put me on a wait list for 8:00. They called me 3 times the week of the reservation to tell me they were still trying for the 8:00. I've never had a restaurant do that before. As it turned out, they were able to accommodate my party of 4 @ 8:00 at a great table no less. The food and service were top notch. I felt everything was priced fairly. I'll return.

          Ninety Acres at Natirar
          2 Main St, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ 07931