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Dec 21, 2009 07:12 AM

Open in Houston, Christmas day

We will be visiting for a few days, arriving on Christmas Eve. We are looking for something, nor just settling for Christmas day. We are not looking for a "Christmas Dinner" , just a restaurant serving a nice meal . Sushi and middle-eastern are possibilities. I checked B-4-U-Eat for ideas. Any other suggestions? We will be staying in the Montrose area, but are willing to drive (No Traffic!!-but better fill up with gas- last Christmas no stations were open)

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  1. Kiran's Indian restaurant in Highland Village (westheimer) is planning a "feast" on xmas day. The menu I rcvd from them via email is too enticing for me to stay away! Their fine quality buffet is legendary.

    1. Sushi Choo Choo near FM 1960 & Eldridge is open on Christmas. They are pretty good--if you aren't familiar with them, they are a conveyor-belt sushi place. One of only two I'm aware of in Houston, and the only good one.

      1. There's a list on and probably also one in the Chronicle. I'd call to confirm, however. I'm thinking of going to Banana Leaf. It's Malaysian and I've heard lots of good things but never been.

        As a rule of thumb, ethnic restaurants representing countries that are not predominantly Christian will more likely be open on Christmas Day and there are probably lots that are not listed on either of the sources above that will be open and serving.

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          1. We ended up at Sushi King at Kirby and Westheimer. It was very good. I looked into the Buffet at Kiran's Indian Restaurant.,and it looked great ( They e-mailed me the menu). I hope to try it another time, from the menu, instead buffet. During this trip, we also enjoyed dinner at Hugo's and lunch at Reef, both of which I highly recommend.