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Dec 21, 2009 07:12 AM

Dinner Suggetions Palm SpringsDessert Modern and up to date

Looking for chow worthy dinners in the Dessert. Looked at previous posts and most suggestions seem very old fashioned and of the "continental cuisine" of the 1980's variety. Anything new and modern in the area? Not looking for molecular cooking but something from this century that is not part of a chain. Blend in LQ sounded like an option but is no longer around. Thanks.

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  1. I would strongly consider the following:
    1) Jillian's in Palm Desert-great atmosphere and food, I feel the best overall restaurant in the Palm Springs area-well know among locals.
    2) Shame on The Moon-Rancho Mirage-again well know among locals for innovative /reasonable food
    3) Copley's-In downtown Palm Springs-formally the Cary Grant home-great food and very innovative
    4) Rattlesnake-Palm Desert
    5) Quistot- Outstanding food in Palm Desert

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    1. re: Property manager

      I thought Rattlesnack closed? Cuistot imo never recovered from moving to their new, much larger location. To me they serve expensive banquet food. I really liked it when it was just a store front on El Paseo.

      Love Jillian's and Shame on the Moon!

      1. re: bigredd

        Agree on Cuistot was much beter in the old day when it was next to the Polo Ralph Lauren Store. Never was a fan of Jillians. So where to go. Guess that is an issue. I find most places cater to the tourists that do not come back often. With that said, low key, low vibe is the way to go. Murphs for great Fried Chicken ( yeah I know ) only at the Bermuda Dunes Airport Location.. I too hear good things about Shame and my Hidden Gem.. John Henrys in Palm Springs. As for a table on the Patio and hope to get a reservation. A bit older school in the food, but way good value and ambiance..

        1. re: Foodandwine

          And have not been to the new place but all the others have been great. Back to their orginal location Omri Cafe Med in Palm Desert should be really good..

    2. The dinner prix fixe menu posted on Le Vallauris's website looks interesting. Has anyone tried it lately? Sure wish there was a place like Blend in the Valley. I never realized that Chef Kathman's wife died suddenly 4 mos. before he closed Blend. Apparently, he's back in his home state of Minnesota.