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Dec 21, 2009 05:59 AM

dinner near Shrek

Looking for a suggestion for a kid friendly restaurant within a 2 block walk of Shrek playing at Broadway Theater on Broadway between 52-53 for this Tuesday night. Could be Asian, Italian, or American.

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  1. A place i go to before any show at the Broadway Theater is SERAFINA. Pretty solid food just a block or so from the Theater.

    Details below.

    210 West 55th St. NYC 10019 Tel: 212 315 1700

    1. Redeye Grill (7th Ave and 56th St.) might be a good choice.

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        HB Burger
        127 W. 43rd St.
        bet. Broadway & 6th Ave.

      2. Basso 56

        Located at 56th and Broadway. We had dinner here prior to seeing Shrek two weeks ago. Nice food, service was good - made it in plenty of time to catch the show.

        1. Serafina was a good choice--pasta for kids, pizza and salads for adults. Thanks all.