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Dec 21, 2009 05:42 AM

Favorite Places to Share a Meal at the Bar in/around Boston

My girlfriend an I often finds times when we dont feel like cooking and really arent starving either. We like to go to bars like the Washington Square Tavern in Brookline and just have some decent beers and split a meal and an app at the bar. Any suggestions in the Boston area?

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  1. When I went to Tupelo, there were diners at the bar. While I didn't particularly like my dinner there, I would go back, and sit at the bar for apps & dessert. I love the WST, but it is sooooo loud. Looks like the Reagle Beagle has a bar and a bar area, so you could try that. I can't vouch for beers, but I have enjoyed eating at the bar at Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq.

    1. My favorite are Prezza and Lucca in the North End.

      1. I tend to get dinner with my drinks, as opposed to the other way 'round, so I get food at the bar rather often. I really like Green Street for this - the bartenders are uniformly excellent and the food is quite tasty, if a little on the pricey side.

        1. One of our favorite ways to eat, too! This is reaching back a couple of years, and not all of them have great beer selections, but: Franklin Cafe, Franklin Southie, Toro, Estragon, Audubon Circle, Miracle of Science, Silvertone, Highland Kitchen, Green Street, Craigie on Main, Garden at The Cellar, Chez Henri (much prefer its Cuban menu to the dining room's French one), Deep Ellum, Marliave, Union Bar & Grill, South End Buttery, Lord Hobo (great beer bar), Coppa (if you don't mind a wait), Harvest, Coda, Sister Sorrel, Hamersley's Bistro, Via Matta (two bars), Taberna de Haro (teeny bar), The Mission, Gargoyles, Erbaluce, Stella (back bar is less hectic on weekends), The Blue Room, Temple Bar, Hungry Mother, UpStairs on the Square (Monday Club), Woodward Tavern (downstairs bar is a bit less insane), Beacon Hill Bistro, Brasserie Jo, Da Vinci, Eastern Standard, Anchovies, Jacob Wirth (great beers, stick to the American side of the menu).

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              Yes. I like to say you have to cook at home regularly to appreciate what the pros do.


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                That is a nasty list! Who said you can't eat and drink well in Boston!? :)

              2. No. 9 Park, Gaslight, Chez Henri and Oleana are my faves for sitting at the bar with drinks and apps. (I lean heavily toward cocktails over beer, though.)

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                  Though it just opened so recently, I had an incredible meal at the Bar at Coppa on Shawmut in the South End- actually we've decided that we dont want to eat anywhere BUT the bar at Coppa. Their set up has their cold small plates and their cured meats behind the bar, and Tracy who mans that station is just incredible. Insanely knowledgeable and nice. I wrote a whole review at if youd like to peruse- its long as it was a wonderful meal