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Dec 21, 2009 02:43 AM

ISO Freshest Fish in Detroit and Burbs

Coming in for the hoidays and the folks and I have planned to do a roasted bronzini for xmas dinner....problem is, they can't seem to find the bronzini anywhere except at wholefoods for 15$ a pound (outrageously overprice-it goes for 9$/lb in NJ's Wholefoods)...We'll substitute if we have to, but I'm wondering who your favorite fish mongers are in the area..

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  1. Not sure where you're staying, so I'll tell you of a few places. I usually buy my fish at Papa Joe's in Birmingham...always good and fresh....have never had a problem. I don't think the Papa Joe's in Rochester Hills has the same turnover. You might want to call in advance as I'm sure they would get it in for you if they don't carry it.
    Also, Superior Fish in Royal Oak seems to get a lot of raves, but I have never bought from there. Many people here like it, though.

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      We're on the east side, but i'm glad you wrote in about poppo joe's...i remember them having a live trout tank years ago and being impressed by folks got a line on Bronzini there for 11$/lb....much more reasonable and, assuming all is still well with the joint, we'll be picking up our fish there.

    2. Try Superior Fish in Royal Oak 248-541-4632.

      1. For any west side folks looking...

        The seafood at One World Market in Novi (AKA The Noble Fish guys).....looks insanely good. They had Sea Urchin roe, beautiful looking tuna, and much else....

        They also had quail eggs if anyone has been looking.