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Holiday dessert ideas...please!

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I'm to attend/host three holiday parties this week. I want to be able to supply a dessert for each event. In the past, I've made caramel apple pie, red velvet cake, cookies, and tiramisu. Please give me some fresh ideas, so I'm not stuck in a rut. I would like to avoid cookies...as I've spent the better part of this month and this week baking Christmas cookies for friends and family.
Thanks very much!

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  1. I often will make a fig cake (sort of spice cake with fig preserves) around the holidays. Also, the raspberry, white chocolate, and almond trifle on epicurious. This time of year, I also really like fruit crisps served warm with ice cream (either homemade or store bought).

    1. Pumpkin cheesecake, or some wonderful gingerbread with tons of whipped cream.

      1. I recently made my first croquembouche to oohs and aahs. Construction was surprisingly simple and quick, even with spun sugar to decorate the exterior of the tower.

        Buche de noel would, of course, also be seasonal.

        1. I've posted this recipe before but I always bring it out for Christmas since it looks like a wreath, easy to make and light tasting.

          Creamy Mold
          You will need a mould container.

          1 cup sugar
          1 medium size container whipping cream
          1 cup warm water
          2 packets geletin (I use KNOX geletin)
          1 med size tub sour cream (full or low fat)
          1 tsp vanilla

          In saucepan, on med high heat, stir sugar and whipping cream together until it dissolves. Take the cup of warm water, dissolved the geletin into it and pour into sugar whipping cream mix. Stir continually until mixture is warm but NOT boiling. Remove from heat and let sit for 1 hr. After one hour whisk in sour cream and vanilla until smooth.
          Pour into mold and refrigerate - for 4 hours up to overnight.

          Take out of mold before serving. Serving with fruit sauce, fresh berries. I use red fruit sauce (strawberries) and mint leaves for Christmas.

          1. You all are the best! Trifle, fruit crisps, cheesecakes, and creamy moulds sound great! To be honest. I'm afraid of the croqueembouche...so beautiful but so many steps (if you make the profiteroles fresh) and the buche de noel is something from my childhood bakery and we still get them there to this day. Thanks so much!

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              I'm making a Boston Cream Pie, just the right balance of plain + fancy to suit us.

            2. coconut cupcakes or coconut layer cake. making the neely's recipe

              Gingerbread trifle (bobby flay's) made it a cple of years ago

              1. What about Creme Brulee -- but with a holiday twist. Top the custard with homemade whole cranberry sauce, and brulee that. The tart cranberries complement the sweet smooth custard very well, and the result is tasty and festive.

                1. Chocolate risotto? That's one of my husband's favorites.

                  You say you've made red velvet cake, but my new favorite thing to do with red velvet cake is to make a trifle out of it and top with a cream cheese/cool whip or cream cheese/whipped cream mixture and crushed oreos. I've also done this as red velvet cupcakes topped with icing and crushed oreos. Very very pretty for Christmas.

                  You can also make an eggnog cake - french vanilla cake mix and vanilla icing, add nutmeg to both.

                  And last, this is my "cheater's" version of my grandmother's Christmas bread that otherwise requires me to deal with yeast (which I am never successful at): top Hawaiian King's sweet rolls with a powdered sugar glaze, red and green maraschino cherries, and chopped pecans.