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Dec 21, 2009 12:10 AM

Domino's New Pizza

Has anyone tried this? I figured with the $5.99 special they rolled out for the past week someone took advantage.

I am a little shocked that after 50, yes 50 years, they are COMPLETELY changing their recipe for pizza. Supposed to be some new "Garlic-Seasoned crust", a bolder sauce, and an "upgrade" on cheese? (which makes you wonder what they were using before).

I mean I know chain pizza just doesn't do it like the local pizza shops do, but maybe this is somewhat better than the old, or what? Is it better? Is it good?
Any honest opinions out there on this new pizza and THIS pizza place solely?


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  1. They can never make Domino's cheap enough to appeal to me. I live in Chicago within 1/2 mile of a couple of local pizza places as well as Lou Malnati's. On the worst of days all of them produce a far better product.

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      I live a quick shot from many great pizzerias here in NYC, AND I abhor bad pizza 99% of the time; however, every once in a while, I just get the urge for Domino's or Pizza Hut. I tried the new-recipe Domino's tonight, and it was pretty decent for what it is. Certainly better than the crap you'd get at one of the poor "NY style" pizza joints a tourist might come across in Times Square. At least there's no pretense with the big chains.

    2. The article on MSN said it would be available nationwide on Dec. 27th.
      I'm really not surprised by it, as they have been seeing steady declines in sales.
      It will be interesting to see if the upgrade can move them ahead of cheap frozen quality.
      The cheese is supposed to contain "a hint " of Provolone. That has to help.

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        They've got to be getting their lunch eaten in the market where I live by Little Caesar's $5 "hot and ready" pizzas, which are about on a par with frozen rising crust pizzas, except you don't have to bother with the grocery parking, checkout and home baking. I simply cannot imagine wanting a pizza badly enough to buy a Domino's.

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          The store near my house already has started selling it. I had plans this weekend and did not purchase. So I believe it is already in most stores already...while by the end of the year it will be in ALL stores. But so for those who have had a store that have changed...??

      2. I have had the redesigned pizza and it is a huge improvement. I rank it the best pizza chain pizza on Long Island (compared to Pizza Hut, Papa Johns)

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I can answer this question!
            The verdict: uh, a little better. Basic flavor is the same but the "quality" now more on par with Papa John's. There seems to be some sort of "garlic bread/parmesan" seasoning sprinkled on the crust, and the crust is less cardboard-y.
            Would I get it again? Probably not if it cost more than $6 (like the special is now). I almost never ordered Dominos before this, even though there's a store about a minute away from my house.