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Domino's New Pizza

Has anyone tried this? I figured with the $5.99 special they rolled out for the past week someone took advantage.

I am a little shocked that after 50, yes 50 years, they are COMPLETELY changing their recipe for pizza. Supposed to be some new "Garlic-Seasoned crust", a bolder sauce, and an "upgrade" on cheese? (which makes you wonder what they were using before).

I mean I know chain pizza just doesn't do it like the local pizza shops do, but maybe this is somewhat better than the old, or what? Is it better? Is it good?
Any honest opinions out there on this new pizza and THIS pizza place solely?


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  1. They can never make Domino's cheap enough to appeal to me. I live in Chicago within 1/2 mile of a couple of local pizza places as well as Lou Malnati's. On the worst of days all of them produce a far better product.

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      I live a quick shot from many great pizzerias here in NYC, AND I abhor bad pizza 99% of the time; however, every once in a while, I just get the urge for Domino's or Pizza Hut. I tried the new-recipe Domino's tonight, and it was pretty decent for what it is. Certainly better than the crap you'd get at one of the poor "NY style" pizza joints a tourist might come across in Times Square. At least there's no pretense with the big chains.

    2. The article on MSN said it would be available nationwide on Dec. 27th.
      I'm really not surprised by it, as they have been seeing steady declines in sales.
      It will be interesting to see if the upgrade can move them ahead of cheap frozen quality.
      The cheese is supposed to contain "a hint " of Provolone. That has to help.

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        They've got to be getting their lunch eaten in the market where I live by Little Caesar's $5 "hot and ready" pizzas, which are about on a par with frozen rising crust pizzas, except you don't have to bother with the grocery parking, checkout and home baking. I simply cannot imagine wanting a pizza badly enough to buy a Domino's.

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          The store near my house already has started selling it. I had plans this weekend and did not purchase. So I believe it is already in most stores already...while by the end of the year it will be in ALL stores. But so for those who have had a store that have changed...??

      2. I have had the redesigned pizza and it is a huge improvement. I rank it the best pizza chain pizza on Long Island (compared to Pizza Hut, Papa Johns)

        1. I can answer this question!
          The verdict: uh, a little better. Basic flavor is the same but the "quality" now more on par with Papa John's. There seems to be some sort of "garlic bread/parmesan" seasoning sprinkled on the crust, and the crust is less cardboard-y.
          Would I get it again? Probably not if it cost more than $6 (like the special is now). I almost never ordered Dominos before this, even though there's a store about a minute away from my house.

          1. i know its snobbery on my part, but i dont understand why dominoes even exists here in NYC, so i doubt i'll be trying it any time soon

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              Same reason there are Red Lobsters in coastal cities.

            2. Disclaimer: I live in SE CT, and have found no decent pizza around here. It is all that nasty (to me) flabby Greek-style crust with an over abundance of thick solid cheese-goo. I do get cravings for pizza occaisionally. While I have had good pizza before (in DC and New Haven), my best option, as sad as that is, is Dominoes.

              That being said, I think it is a big improvement. There is more flavor, the crust is chewier, and the cheese tastes more like actual cheese. And being honest? I like their Pacific Veggie pizza with the parmesan garlic crust.

              Normally I can be a bit of a food snob, but hey, you have to go with what is available

              1. witht the exception of the crust tasting more garlicy,the pizza tastes EXACTLY the same.

                1. So, we've been taking your money for fifty years and giving you crap, and we've always known it. Now that you're finally realizing it too, we've decided to give you a slighly better grade of crap, which you will hopefully buy for another fifty years.

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                  1. re: Vladimir Estragon

                    I'd give it a year before Domino's announces that because of popular demand, they're releasing Original Recipe "Classic" Crap. People will be lining up and there'll be a big countdown. They'll even have a clown.

                    1. re: Vladimir Estragon

                      So, given the choice of changing the recipe or not, you would prefer that a restaurant not listen to its customers?

                    2. I've been wondering about this too.

                      I say good for them to listen to the customers and try to produce a better product. I won't order it here in TO but when I'm at my inlaws there's a scarcity of good pizza. They order from D and I usually try to steer them to PJ's. Hopefully the bar is raised and maybe, just maybe they're get other places to improve their quality.


                      1. I am eating some of the new Domino's pizza as we speak. It tastes a lot better than it was. I never liked Domino's before but now I think it is mighty tasty. The sauce is zestier, the crust is more flavorful, and overall the pizza is pretty good.

                        1. the boyfriend brought this home last night. A thin crust canadian bacon for me. It IS different than what they used to be. I don't know... I kind of miss the old style version. The sauce is hotter, you can actually taste the hot pepper, the crust was fine.... I don't know. It was okay..... I kind of miss the old sweet sauce version of 10 years ago (which was about the last time I had it)

                          1. Domino's has been absolutely HORRID for at least a decade. Every once in a while, I'd be duped into a coupon special (like $4 for a medium), I'd eat it, and it had all the flavor and consistency of cardboard.

                            There is no logical or practical reason to buy "food" from this chain, really.

                            Actually, I remember why I did buy twice in the past few years. It was not only the low price. I remember it tasting good twenty some odd years ago.

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                            1. re: NewDude

                              I tried it & thought Garlic was strong, over-powering. Leftovers wrapped in foil placed in the fridge sure stunk things up a bit. I had to set some fresh baking soda in the fridge cause I swore it did stink up my fridge. It was very bothersome to me. Leftovers were in my fridge 2 days max.

                              1. re: EatNLoveLife

                                the garlic is definately the most noteable change in the recipie. i cant taste a difference in cheese or sauce though. it tastes like the same recipe just with garlic. i like dominoes old recipe though, i never felt it tasted like cardboard.

                                1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                                  ordered it again, and this time i barely tasted the garlic?

                                  1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                                    The only crust worth (?) getting from Domino's is their "Brooklyn" style. Not great obviously, but so much better than any of the others.

                                    1. re: Servorg

                                      well i think the handtossed is the only one that they reformulated.
                                      i like dominoes old crust, and the new is ok.

                                      1. re: Servorg

                                        i never thought it tasted like cardboards./

                                        1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                                          Have you tried their Brooklyn style pizza? If not give it a go. Really pretty fair for a weapon of mass delivery.

                              2. Sorry. Domino's is only 'emergency" pizza, as in, "there are no real pizzerias around, so we can call Domino's."

                                It is less offensive compared to the other chain pizzas, bit only in comparison to them. Growing up in central NJ spoiled me for any pizza. Lots of great, local shops still thrivingh, and making better pizza than any of the chains could dream of.

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                                1. re: The Professor

                                  i live in central jersey and plan on going to dominoes tonight..
                                  pizza places here are crap. i have a place called dusals around the corner that sucks./

                                  1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                                    Central NJ has SCORES of great pizza places!
                                    I find it really hard to believe one can live anywhere in central NJ and not find a good local pizzeria.
                                    Not all local joints make world class pizza, but by far most of them make a better pizza than Domino's could ever hope to produce.

                                    1. re: The Professor

                                      I was sort of puzzled by that statement too. I'm curious where in Central New Jersey the poster is. I'm originally from Monmouth County, and you can't leave your house without tripping over dozens of decent pizza joints.

                                        1. re: thirtyeyes

                                          If cost is your primary (or sole) concern, and a few bucks make that much of a difference, I guess that flavor and ingredients don't account for much in regards to what makes a good pizza.

                                            1. re: Fibber McGee

                                              Cost is often the point. When is it not? Otherwise I would always eat sushi at Urasawa.

                                              And a good pizza is much more than a few bucks away from a Domino's or a Little Caesar's

                                              1. re: thirtyeyes

                                                You are right on point, thirtyeyes. Pizzaria pizza is almost always better than the best chain. The thing is, there are occasions when chain pizza makes the most sense. When those occasions arise, thanks to the recent changes, Domino's will now be in the equation for me. Sure, its not as good as the chicken marsala or fried eggplant and ricotta pizza at Sal's up the street, but it sure beats the crap out of Papa John's in my book.

                                                1. re: thirtyeyes

                                                  The original point here was an area well regarded for its pizza was called out for not having any decent pizza places. If price is the major factor in regards to what's decent, then you really can't say there's nothing decent, can you?
                                                  Nothing against Domino's personally. I actually drove for them for a while, and a good location at that. But I wouldn't really compare Domino's on their best night with a reliable local place in a area known for pizza.

                                    2. I actually just saw their tv ad/promotion a day ago, and posted before I saw the ad. It's really not a good sign when MULTIPLE customers point out your product's crust tastes like cardboard, to the point that they would publicly air the comment and feature it on a nation wide spot. This tells you how badly their 'quality control' has slipped.

                                      It's very simple as to why their product sucks:
                                      1. they buy the cheapest possible ingredients.
                                      2. they probably pay their workers next to nothing.

                                      The main problem is 1: their ingredients are abysmal. Based on the comments in this thread, it looks like they've changed their recipe up a bit relying more heavily on seasoning, but they do not discuss any mention of higher quality cheese or flour, or meats or veggies.

                                      If you take shortcuts, people notice.

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                                      1. re: NewDude

                                        cheese is discussed research more...
                                        suppsoedly they use a new cheese.
                                        and the sauce and crust are changed suppsoedly.
                                        i like dominoes before though i thought the crust was insanely good. i dont really see much of a change in the new recipe. it tastes exactly the same with some garlic powder.s

                                      2. We tried it this week for our weekly pizza and movie night. The sauce was an improvement, like someone else noted it actually has some heat to it now. But the crust has this weird sandy coating that comes off in your hand and is actually kinda gross. My 8 year old, who can eat pretty much any crappy pizza, wouldn't even eat it. We won't get it again. The cheese was unremarkable.

                                        1. I thought it was still awful.

                                          I wouldn't even compare it to Papa John's, which is still miles ahead.

                                          I say just go for local pizza joints. They taste so much better and even if they cost more, it is worth it. You're supporting local businesses and eating better.

                                          1. I tried it tonight. I went with a large supreme on original crust. It was only 11 bucks. I gotta say, it was a big upgrade from the old style. The crust, sauce, and ingredients were all much improved over the garbage that they previously offered. Its obviously not as good local pizzaria pizza is, but I would recommend it over Papa John's any day. Next time I find myself in a situation where chain pizza makes the most sense, I will go with Domino's. I never thought in a million years that I would say that.

                                            1. I actually find Costco's $2 slices to be clearly superior to Domino's. And you can get it piping hot fresh right out of the oven!

                                              1. It is awful! It is hard to imagine that they could make a worse pizza than their original, but they succeeded!

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                                                1. re: syr94

                                                  What I find ridiculously funny is the fact that Domino's Canada has NOT come out with new pizza, so they're basically competing against a USA ad campaign that says what they're still selling is total garbage haha.

                                                  1. re: DizzyEdge

                                                    I have always been a fan of Domino's and yes i have had better pizza from lil local places but i see a lot more Domino's then good lil places...you com across a far share of garbage...but back to the topic...by far this pizza is a 100% upgrade...the crust is better the toppings and cheese all seem just better it is good but the real thing to get from them is the new pasta bowls that have the same garlic seasoning on the crust try it if you havent and for 5 bucks u cant beat it...

                                                  2. re: syr94

                                                    I had the recent misfortune to try it for myself, and I couldn't have said it any more plainly than that. You hit it, right on the head.

                                                  3. I tried the new pie and it was indeed better......some people are just anti chain and really need to just stop posting in this chowhound category.

                                                    I give Dominos a ton of credit here, they aired their dirty laundry. It took alot of guts to air the criticisms of their product, on national tv, like they did. This company actually listened to its detractors and customers and did something about it - how many companys do this?

                                                    I really enjoyed the seasoning on the crust, the sauce was better, the crust not as chewey, no noticable difference to the cheese (except it seemed less greasey).

                                                    I have actually been craving it for the last 2 weeks, I cant even say that about Dominos in the past!!!!

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                                                    1. re: joe777cool

                                                      are you saying the only way it is possible to express dislike for dominoes is some generic anti-chain mentality to exist, and not that you find their product to be substandard?

                                                      i know i'm spoiled about pizza, living in NYC, but i fond dominoes to be crap. not because they are a chain. because their product, to me, sucks.

                                                      1. re: thew

                                                        I said "some people are just anti chain and really need to just stop posting in this chowhound category." How are you able to jump to that conclusion/assumption?

                                                        your previous post "i know its snobbery on my part, but i dont understand why dominoes even exists here in NYC, so i doubt i'll be trying it any time soon" ....what did that add to the conversation?

                                                        To clarify, there are plenty of good and bad chains out there. My problem lies with the people that consistently come on the chain boards with nothing but anti-chain negativity and condescending attitudes. If you dont like chains then stay off the chains board! And fyi this is not directed at anybody in particular.

                                                        1. re: joe777cool

                                                          sorry the proximity of those 2 thoughts in your post made me assume they were related - especially with the use of the elipsis linking them.

                                                          mea culpa

                                                          1. re: thew

                                                            no big deal, and I probably should have been a little clearer in my post.

                                                            1. re: joe777cool

                                                              doesn't matter, chain or not, the pizza stinks.

                                                              1. re: syr94

                                                                I really enjoy the new pizza, I ask for a small side of the herb/garlic butter to dip the crust and its delicious. Everybody that I have talked to really enjoys it too. I never thought I would have a craving for Dominos!

                                                    2. When I was in College I used to work at a concession stand in an indoor arena that would sell Domino's. We could take whatever was left over at the end of our shift. After about a month, I couldn't eat Domino's at all and stopped taking the pizzas home (Or sometimes brought them home for the roommates.) Their sauce is less than mediocre (but at least not offensive), their cheese was terrible (although the box informed you that it was, in fact, 100% "real" cheese) but it was the crust that was the worst. It doesn't have the proper texture of Pizza crust, it was more akin to bread. I won't say it tasted like card board, but more like a poor rendition of bread. Anyway, to the 1 or 2 people who liked the old crust, I truly do feel sorry for you.

                                                      So how is this new Pizza again? I might order it late night when I'm drunk and nothing else is open.

                                                      1. I'm glad to see this thread and read the replies. I haven't had Domino's in years, and it sounds like I still don't need to. For chain delivery it's Papa John's for us, and for better-than-chain delivery we have a local place (in Florida) that's even better.

                                                        1. Just had a Domino delivery for first time in years. Also the last. Thin crust was not crisp. No taste. Bland toppings. $22. fool me once...............

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                                                          1. re: steakman55

                                                            Your crust had no taste? Are you sure this was Dominos!? My pie was covered in Garlic, so much so, as mentioned, the leftovers, permeated my fridge with garlic. Which created an emergency run out for fresh, fresh baking soda and some cheeeeeap Imitation Vanilla to kill the offending, lingering odor every time I opened the fridge and popped my head in.

                                                            1. re: EatNLoveLife

                                                              The garlic seasoning only comes on hand tossed.

                                                              1. I was a sucker and got a Domino's Pizza today, hoping to try out the new style. Well, despite the fact that they know their old pizza is horrible, and have been advertising this fact for the past month, they haven't changed the recipe in Canada! How insulting...

                                                                1. Domino's used to be decent, in my memory, from being in college (15 yrs. ago), but I stopped getting them because of their anti-abortion stance. Well, I won't let a new pizza get in the way of my ideals, so I had the new Domino's yesterday. This is what typifies the kind of useless, tasteless, artificial, nonentity that corporate food is made up of. I didn't know whether to throw it in the garbage or fling it into a cesspool. Talk about plastic! Completely devoid of any noteworthy characteristics. That "garlic-seasoned" crust...try garlic powder. In fact, the concept of real garlic and spices seemed to completely bypass their developers. As soon as I bit into it I thought "Papa John's is so much better" Save your money and your mouth...do not get this artificial crap.

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                                                                  1. re: observor

                                                                    im not sure where Dominos and prolife/prochoice overlap, and frankly dont care.

                                                                    Im also not sure what plastic tastes like, but the 2 times I have ordered Dominos since the change have been very pleasant experiences.

                                                                    And I like a sauce that is a bit sweet, but the last time I had papa johns it had a candly like sweetness that was very off putting

                                                                    and it seems many people agree "Domino's Pizza continued the aggressive launch of its new hand-tossed pizza, announcing that it beat Papa John's and Pizza Hut in a national taste test of hand-tossed pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and extra-cheese pizza. The victory resulted from an independent, blind taste test of nearly 1,800 random pizza consumers from eight U.S. markets. In head-to-head comparisons, participants picked each of the Domino's pizzas as tasting better than both Papa John's and Pizza Hut by a wide margin."


                                                                    1. re: observor

                                                                      Tom Monaghan, who USED to own Domino's, is a super-conservative Catholic, to the extent of being quoted that he thinks his non-Catholic wife won't go to heaven because she isn't Catholic!

                                                                      The one thing I was sorry about when he sold the company was that he used to have a fantastic Christmas (not holiday) lights display at the corporate HQ in Ann Arbor.

                                                                      Domino's is your basic corporation now, no political stance, so don't hold that against them. Feel free to judge the actual pizza, though :)

                                                                      1. re: coney with everything

                                                                        Yes, I learned that it is now owned by Bain Capital. I almost wish the fanatic still owned it because I remembered Domino's being much better than it is now. It is truly awful. I had Papa John's yesterday and, while it is of course not great, it is much better than Domino's.

                                                                    2. The new Domino's pizza would be good if you needed to run something over with your car. I would feel sorry for the tires for touching it.

                                                                      1. Extending,.their year-old 'oven-baked" sandwiches are like a morphing of their pizzas...equally tasteless, artificial, and plastic. It isn't food, it's a product.

                                                                        1. We split off some discussion of pizza in Monmouth County to a new thread on the New Jersey Board. That thread is here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/702192

                                                                          1. After 4 years of no over-the-counter pizza, we caved in and ordered from Dominos the other night.

                                                                            After a couple of bites each, the entire pie went into the trash. It was the single worse pizza I have had in my life. That includes such memorable pies as the squid and corn pizza from Shakey's in Japan.

                                                                            Dominos dough (doh!) tastes like it came out of some poppin fresh can and the artificial garlic/butter stuff they coat it with tasted like the seepage from a bed sore. They are the BP of the pizza world and should be forced to pay a fine for even offering this drek to the public.

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                                                                            1. re: bkhuna

                                                                              And that's the *improved* pizza! Not only is the "food" terrible, the stupid marketing crap on the container is even more awful.

                                                                            2. I recently ordered Domino's and will not be doing so in the future. I did not like the garlic grease dust on the edge of the pizza and did not find the sauce/cheese to be improved enough to warrant a future order.

                                                                              1. I do find the marketing god-awful, and have found little improvement in the sauces, cheeses, etc, but I like the new thin crust.

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                                                                                1. re: raleighboy

                                                                                  I broke down and tried the so called new dominoes tonight. GOal was to try the supposedly improved hand tossed crust and tried two of their sauces... marinara and robust tomato.

                                                                                  The latter is sickly sweet.. the former is as hearty as campbell's tomato soup.

                                                                                  Worst part was the crust was as limp as a piece of wonder bread.. is there such thing as Pizza Viagra? This thing needed it badly. Probably should have tried the thin crust but the sauces and the hand tossed crust make me have no hope. I am better off driving an hour to Trenton for a real tomato pie.

                                                                                2. I believe Domino's finally found a way to make a good pizza.

                                                                                  1. I know this thread is old, but since someone resurrected it..... In college in the mid-80s, someone brought in Domino's for a movie night at one of the other dorms. I had a couple of slices, I'm sure. I had a horrible nightmare involving trigonometry. It wasn't a good start to the day waking up dead (as per the nightmare). I've never had Domino's since then.

                                                                                    1. Well, im getting over being sick, the kids are sick and the wife is frazzled so last night I broke down and ordered a dominos pizza. I liked being able to order it online. I also liked the new topping selection.

                                                                                      The problem is that the pizza was still not very good. The sliced italian sausage was atrocious, devoid of the proper texture or flavor, and came in big think chunks, not the proper thin slices.
                                                                                      There were so few mushrooms on the pizza that it is hard to tell whether they were any good or not. The pepperoni was so-so. The crust was not so great, but better than I remember. The sauces tasted a touch sweet. The cheese was so-so. Overall not a very good pie.

                                                                                      But it was right on the way home and convenient to order. Maybe I will try the Deep Dish the next time, I might go for the thin crust but my wife is not a big fan of thin pizza. That is assuming there is a next time, which wont be something im planning any time soon.

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                                                                                      1. re: PenskeFan

                                                                                        Yes, the crust will make all the toppings better. The crust is so............crust.

                                                                                        1. re: Bobfrmia

                                                                                          Eh, ill just not get the sausage. Maybe go for extra mushrooms and extra cheese. It might not be totally awful, but then again I would probably be better off with a frozen pizza, so I don't plan to try anytime soon.