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Dec 20, 2009 11:58 PM

Size of Pie Dish Pan


If the recipes call for 9" pie crust, do I use only 9" pie pan or I can also use 9.5" deep pie pan as well?

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  1. You can use the 9.5" but you might need to have a bit more filling, depending on what kind of pie you're making, or, if you don't, the pie will not be quite as high. It doesn't make that much difference, though. I use a deep dish pan all the time and virtually never adjust my recipes, for example, if it's apple, I add two more apples. I recently made pumpkin with a recipe calling for a 9" pan and it didn't really make much difference.

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    1. re: bushwickgirl

      Hi Bushwickgirl,

      For the curst size, all I have seen is 9", so no need to look for 9.5" cust pie, correct, just adding more filling when I use 9.5 deep pan??

      1. re: ijeny

        Are you talking about premade crusts? There's only one brand that I use, when I'm feeling lazy, it's made by Pillsbury, in a red box, most supermarkets carry it in the dairy section. It's for 9" pies. I use it in a 10 in pie plate and it's fine. You can add more filling to this crust, but note that the crust won't be quite as high around the edges of the pie plate.
        So, yes, that' the only size crust you'll find and add more filling.
        What kind of pie are you making?