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Dec 20, 2009 09:56 PM

undecorated gingerbread houses????

does anyone know where on the westside i can buy undecorated gingerbread houses so my kids and i can decorate them ourselves

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  1. Costco in Culver City had them in stock, packaged pre-constructed, with icing and candy decorations included, for about $10. (Super if your kids want to dive into decorating right away and don't want to wait for royal icing to set from house construction before starting.) Not sure if they're still in stock. Michael's has the Wilton (I think) kits, which come with baked gingerbread that you'd have to assemble and decorate, again with icing and some candy included,

    Have fun!

    1. Trader Joes. That said, it's pretty easy to do it yourself, and a fun project with kids. I wrote about it here

      1. Vons had these the other day for $14.99. They come fully assembled but undecorated, not sure if they included the candy needed to decorate at that price....

        1. Target has them. They come with some decorations and you assemble & decorate I think I paid $10-15.