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Dec 20, 2009 09:48 PM

ISO veggie eggrolls in Little Saigon to buy in bulk

I know of several places where I can buy 20-50 eggrolls in bulk, but I don't know where to go to buy veggie eggrolls in bulk. I need these for Xmas eve.

please help. thanks.

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  1. never ordered it from there but, we order other great items...give huong giang a call and ask if they have veggie egg rolls (714) 531-1798...they have two locations on brookhurst.

    also, huong huong food to go 714-895-6551 on bolsa

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      Thanks. I've been to huong huong and ordered egg rolls, but I didn't know if they had veggie ones to go and I wanted to save the drive over there.

      My mom got plum sauce from Canada which is the only plum sauce I like.

    2. I ended up going to

      Bo Di Tinh Tam Chay

      on Beach between McFadden and Bolsa near the large Asian Supermarket

      We ate lunch while we waited for them to make 20 crispy eggrolls- 75 cents each. Very crispy almost double wrapped with a small piece of fake chinese sausage in their for textural variety. I'm going to freeze them and heat them up tomorrow night. Thanks for the help hppzz. I'll try that place some other time.

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        glad you're able to find what you need!