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Dec 20, 2009 09:34 PM

Chef Xiu update

Chef Xiu has been sold to new owners which maybe bad, but what is good is that the new owner kept the kitchen staff in place for now. Also good is that the new owners have a better command of English and you no longer need a Chinese speaker and reader to get all the white board specials.

The new owners seem to want to please you the customer and are willing to asked the kitchen staff to make whatever the customer wants. I saw other table request a special dish I have not seen on any white board or on the regular menu.

The free pow choy in no longer given but with all orders you now get a bowl of hot and sour soup.

The old owners had very limited English and that made it hard on non-Chinese speakers.

My favorite few dishes passed my son's taste test.

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  1. Hey yimster -- can you add some coordinates for us plebes? :-) No Chef Xiu in the database...

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      Funny it's not in the database, because the "related threads" list at the bottom is headed by a thread about "Chef Xiu" in Mountain View.

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        Greyelf, here is the link

        Sorry forgot to add the link. By the way you are no plebe.

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          Thanks, yimster. Ruth, I can't see any related threads at all -- see, I AM a plebe!

      2. Went again yesterday and since we were the first and only people there for about 20 minutes I was able to talk to the owner about the changes to Chef Xiu.

        I asked if the menu had changed. Was told that there are now two menus. The old menu was still in place and all the old dishes are still available. The new menu is more aimed at the non-Chinese customers. So now you have the choice of both menus.

        I since have my old favorite dishes and for the most part they have remained the since.

        Not really interested to look too deeply in checking out the new menu.