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Dec 20, 2009 09:05 PM

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Joes in Northampton is a must! Amazing experience!
5 stars

Joes I must say is a very special relic in Northampton. I travel from springfield once a month to get my cravings satisfied. For starters I would highly recommend the Joe's blackened sea scallops if your a seafood fan. They are juicy and crusted perfectly with a great blackened flavor served atop a bed of arugala and frozen grapes. Also a must have is the garlic bread with cheese. The loaf of bread is flavored greatly with garlic and is smothered with mozzarella cheese all over the top of the soft bread. If you love pasta, the spaghetti and sausage or meatballs are outstanding. I am personally in love with the pizza. The pizza is a true thin crust pizza with amazing flavor. I get pepperoni, hamburg, sausage, onions and mushrooms and it is incredible. Besides the quality being amazing, the prices are extremely reasonable. Enjoy!-

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  1. I agree. The garlic bread is perfect. I've heard about the sea scallops and will try.

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    1. Again, Joe's is a great oldschool joint, but their pizza is tasty in the greasy bad-for-you sense of good pizza rather than the "classical" sense of good pizza (as you might eat in Italy, or even a place like Pepe's New Haven or Regina Boston).

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        I definitly would have to disagree with you. We are not in Italy. We are in New England so take advantage of good places.