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Looking for High Quality Mushrooms

Putting together a few dinners over the holidays and one thing that is consistently difficult to attain are high quality shrooms.

Pusateri's sometimes has a few, but they are so overpriced and the quality usually blows.

I remember a few months back at the Loblaw at the top of the hill just south of York Mills on Yonge they had FRESH Porcin's being sold for around $6 each, but when I went there today, the guy had no clue.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi Sadistick,

    It may be a bit out of your way, but I find the produce and fungi at Michaelangelo's (Woodbine & HWY 7) to be relatively good- I usually stop in for portobellos, so I'm not sure if there are any porcini to be had. if you happen to be in the neighbourhood or by the DVP, it's worth a look- http://www.michaelangelos.ca/

    1. Witold, the Polish mushroom guy ( or rather his wife) in St. Lawrence market on Saturday. I go to the wholesale farmers market on the Queensway and buy from him or not at all.

      Witold is (was) an engineer and in Poland mushrooms were a hobby. Here (in Rockwood) they are a full time business.

      The unusual ones are sometimes bought and sold among growers and dealers., Witold grows some. Ever have FRESH shitake? Unforgettable.

      1. try the cheese boutique they have a good selection of hard to find mushrooms including fresh truffles if you are so inclined.


        1. Bruno from Fun Guy Farms is at the Wychwood market every saturday morning. He has great shrooms, including shitake, oyster, king oyster and a couple more that I can't remember.

          1. Porcini - were, but are no longer available since the early months of mcewan.
            I request them each time I am there.
            There is nothing like a Porcini!
            Told that they are too expensive????
            Mostly mcewan sells the typical mushrooms available at T&T for a fraction of the price.
            Have not checked to see what he has for the Holiday.
            I use the Shitake always available at T&T and occasionally the King and Oyster Mushrooms both very inexpensive there.
            mcewan does sell truffles, but this is an entirely different usage.
            Also reconstituted dried Chinese or Polish mushrooms can add a wonderful flavor to some dishes or soups.

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              Yummy Market, Dufferin north of Finch, a Russian super- deli, often has bags of frozen mushrooms, different types, at a reasonable price. Porcini wholesales at 40 cents a pound more that the white button (champignon de Paris- please be impressed) if I remember.

            2. Thanks to all the replies.

              I must say this is troubling - as when I was a younger buck and thought I would become a chef, while working at Jov Bistro - we used to get some killer mushrooms from our mushroom guy, and I would often take home for personal consumption.

              We're talking things like Black Trumpets, Lobster mushrooms, chantrelles, porcini, etc.

              Someone would make a killing if they opened up a spot that had these types of fungi!

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                Remember that most of these really special mushrooms are wild and therefore seasonal. In Ontario, this means late summer early fall (except for morels which grow in the spring). Imported mushrooms may extend the season somewhat, but even so you're probably out of luck for most of the varieties you mention. There are probably mushrooms in the southern hemisphere - have no idea - but I haven't seen much of that. Other "wild" mushrooms aren't actually wild at all - portobellos, oysters, shitakes, "king", enoki - these are all cultivated and so they're available year round. Off season, you may be able to find porcinis - as Vinnie Vidimangi says - frozen or, for that matter, dried. And dried is what most of the world uses when fresh mushrooms aren't in season.

                1. re: Sadistick

                  I picked up a package of Chanterelles several weeks ago at Costco.
                  Don't know if they are still available.
                  Price was reasonable as well.
                  Porcini don't freeze well.
                  I tried them from Yummy Market and was not impressed.
                  For those who have never been there, it is a fascinating experience.
                  It is a Russian Supermarket with all sorts of interesting items, and a very good and reasonable prepared food section .
                  You will think that you are in Moscow.

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                    Right! I saw those chanterelles last week too. Have no idea where they come from. I don't think they're cultivated, but I could be wrong.

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                      You just have to like salt. It is a major food group in Russia. Pork heaven though. Don't know if they have Berkshire.

                      I recommend the poppy seed rolls, but their own baking, not what comes in packaged.